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May 31, 2015 | 5 Comments

I first met Hayley Starr almost 16 years ago when she was a young novice designer creating heavenly fairy dresses. I was in one of her very first fashion shows, and I fell instantly in love with this bright young lady who spoke of fairies, angels, goddesses and creatures of the forests. Three years ago we posted about the launch of Hayley Starr’s shop, studio, art gallery on Lincoln Blvd. called perfectly The Quest. She was one of the first to locate to Lincoln, and now her prophecy about it becoming a hub has come to pass. I’m always impressed by artists who have a savvy business sense, and Hayley is one of these gems. Her dresses have become my uniform in a way.

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I love being able to just slip and tie one of her dresses on and feel that it’s a unique, handmade piece with some energetic properties. For my birthday last February I ordered one of her dresses in pure white; however when seeing her Astral gowns that are made in your personal horoscope shade, I became enamored with those too! Hayley uses vegetable and fruit dyes to add the planetary sequences on the dresses, and she uses the book Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says about You as a source of inspiration.

Hayley is also a painter, author, jewelry designer and more ~ Since I am always told that my youngest Charlotte is a star child, I thought to ask Hayley what she thinks about the concept. Her interview below is so inspiring and enlightening as is she ~


1) What makes your heart sing?
Seeing fellow humans on their path, really doing what they love. Animals, all kinds but especially baby ones and dolphins. Trees, OH I LOVE TREES. Love in all its shapes and colors.

2) What inspires your dresses? You mentioned the horoscope color chart?
I’m after the resulting feeling . . . I want a woman to feel when she wears one of my dresses: BEAUTIFUL/EMPOWERED/SELF-CONFIDENT/SEXY/COMFORTABLE. That’s the inspiration, and if she feels any of those, my mission is complete.

The Astrally inspired dresses you mention are my ‘highest-end’ offering. I take a woman’s astrological chart and create a dress around it. I hand mix and dye the color of the person’s day (there is such a thing) and paint on her rising, moon and sun signs… When she wears this dress she will feel the full glory of herself and her place on the planet.

3) What or where is your favorite meal?
OH MAN! That’s like asking me to pick a favorite color of the rainbow!!! There’s an epic sushi place in NY called sushi of Gari. These people doing something so amazing to the raw fish, I’ve never tasted anything like it to date. I’m a Venice girl so I love my Gjelina. They’ve opened a new place at the end of my block called Gjusta, which is equally bomb. Mostly I love my mother’s creative salads and her gluten/no sugar ‘health’ cookies.

4) Do you have a motto or quote you live by?
There are no mistakes. NONE!

5) Why is spirituality vital for you and your work?
It IS my work. Without connection to the divine there would be none of my work. I get the assignment from above, and I carry it out into material form. It’s my job this round, I act as one of the many fingers of God.

6) What is your beauty secret or ritual?
Balancing natural and organic with scientific. Until they bridge the gap, I draw from both. I’m a HUGE fan of face oils and have been for years. Currently I love Living Libations ‘Best Skin Ever- Seabuckthorne oil’. Everything that woman makes blows my mind. Her ingredients are unparalleled. If only by a dear friend of mine named Vanessa who’s line ‘Numerology’ changes lives. Her face serum will literally change your life. I balance all this with some over the counter Retinol by Skinceuticals. That keeps the wrinkles away. Lastly I lather Lucas’ Papaw Ointment 25g all over my lips, upper lip and nose when I sleep. My step mom swears this is my she has none of those lipstick wrinkles.

7) Where do you see yourself in a decade?
I see myself happily married with a couple children, balancing work and my family. I see us living on a farm somewhere beautiful, surrounded by trees with a huge garden filled my our favorite vegetables and fruits.There are definitely a lot of animals, dogs, cats, goats, maybe horses. I see myself continuing to be creative, more so than ever; painting designer and writing, with a team of wonderful people who help me get my work out into the world. I see us traveling and exploring the planet, meeting all kinds of people, exposing my children to the diversity of this planet and teaching them how to care for it, imparting everything I know and offering them a life of education and abundance with the hopes that they’ll grow to be a part of the solution.

8) Who are the Star People?
Ha! Well, that depends on how you mean. The star people above or the star people on earth… or the star children. Actually, now that I’m responding I see that they’re all one in the same. I guess my belief is that we’re all star people, some of us are simply more aware of it, and by ‘it’ I mean our origins, than others. I believe that conscious ‘star people’ as you call them, are beings doing love’s work. Shiva, you are surely a star person… as am I.




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    Is “numology” a skincare line?

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    If you prefer a paw paw ointment that doesn’t have petroleum as the main ingredient (such as the one mentioned above), there are many other wonderful natural alternatives.

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