Feeling The Earth ~ Sole Ful Moccasins by HMH

November 14, 2017 | 1 Comment


Heather Marie Heaton Moccasins

As I am learning to simplify my life by decluttering, and buying less expendable clothing that will eventually be left in a landfill somewhere, I am choosing items that are made with care and intention. Continuing the thread on fashion that isn’t destroying our planet, I have moved on to finding shoes that fit the bill. I still like a bit of chic in my wardrobe, and so when I found these handmade moccasins that felt both stylish and artisan I was swept away.

Heather Marie Heaton Moccasins are made to withstand wear and tear from the natural world, and with time they mold to your feet. I have been wearing mine on hikes in the canyons behind my home, and climbing small boulders in the desert. I like the colors they come in as well, and feel the handmade magic of leather against my feet. The best part is you feel more connected to mama earth when wearing natural, handmade shoes. All materials are hand picked and designed by Heathermarie and handcrafted in Mexico City with her favorite artisans who have become like family.

They also make little wee ones for sprites ~

Heather Marie Heaton Moccasins

Heather Marie Heaton Moccasins

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  1. Lucia says:

    Want you to know I noticed you wearing these in a previous post, and loved them. Thanks for sharing! Went to their web site and found cute sandals too!

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