Odd Bird ~ Turkish Robes, Pillows and More

September 25, 2017 | 3 Comments


I like to dress in terms of stories. It must be remnants of being an actress that makes me dream in the dialogue of garments, sound tracks and art directed scenarios. For years I was searching in my minds eye for the perfect robe that could be taken to the New Mexican landscape, or that could be worn as I do my garden chores before the sun rises. This robe would be hardy and durable enough to withstand my rural life style, and yet chic with elements of old world textures.

This fantasy became a reality when I stumbled upon Odd Bird Company that is curated by Ceren Alkac- Lee. The traditional, handmade aesthetics combined with Turkish textiles makes this site a perfect find for pillows, throws, towels, folksy dresses and robes.

Odd Bird follows the ethos we are seeing more and more these days on finding classic, high quality, sustainable ways to bring adornment and beauty into our lives. Whether it is a colorful pillow made from vintage kilim rugs, or Turkish towels that will only get better with wash and wear, this is a go to to make your home cozy.








  1. Lucia says:

    Kilimanjaro rugs, Turkish towels, hand woven robes, and beautiful dresses.
    Thanks for bring Odd bird into my view,

  2. Lucia says:

    Kilim rugs, Turkish towels, hand woven robes, and beautiful dresses.
    Thanks for bring Odd bird into my view,

  3. Dove Willow says:

    Hello Shiva Rose:)) There are times when your writing becomes so transcendental, so appealing, so spiritual internally it seems one may actually touch you tenderly as you reach out so magically, so gracefully, so honestly. You reveal the beauty, sensitivity, and that same wondrous quality of Nature to find peace and solace and, even, compassion when before the lovely Dawn has risen you may be the real you protected within the quiet darkness of night becoming day, when the gentle birds are just awakening to share your loving song. I love your hair, long and woven in waves of soft, liberated curls: that freedom to express pure womanhood, its splendour, its magic, its constant renewal as a wildflower replenished and nurtured in the mist and tranquility and enwrapment of Nature.
    Peace and love to you, dear Shiva Rose, your wisdom and beauty and soulfulness are honestly wondrous.

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