Tantric Necklaces with Satamber

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Satamber Tantric Necklaces

I first met the lovely Giangeet Kaur at the Rama Institute a few years ago and recently we were partners for a day of tantric yoga. White Tantric Yoga is an ancient group meditative practice that works on clearing out the deepest corridors of the subconscious mind. It’s usually a long so one really gets to know their partner well. I felt really connected to Giangeet and her wise, graceful, ways. As I got to know Giangeet through the day of meditation, I learned how deep her wisdom with the Kundalini practice lies. She has now taken her yoga practice towards creating beautiful necklaces that enhance ones intuition and bring protection to the one wearing them.
A tantric necklace is a powerful and personal tool that opens the third eye and increases one’s consciousness. We want to give everyone an opportunity to experience the energy and protection of this power tool. You’ll find that once you form a relationship with a tantric necklace, it becomes a part of you.

Her line Satamber has just launched, and is carried at stores like Roseark. Giangeet takes special care when picking certain gems for the various necklaces.

I am so thrilled that she has made some custom tantric necklaces for The Local Rose. She has hand picked the specific gems and pearls to create these works of love. They contain the following:
Rose Quartz – Healing and opening of the heart, attracting love
Freshwater Pearl – Stillness of mind, loyalty and truth
Gold – Abundance and wealth

More on the inspiring Giangeet and her journey towards creating the line below ~

Satamber Tantric Necklaces
Satamber Tantric Necklaces


1) What makes your heart sing?

Being creative always makes me happy. Whether is crafting a Tantric Necklace, making soap, or simply preparing dinner, it always has the same effect – bliss, and a feeling that I am in the flow.

2) What Inspired the Satamber the line?

I moved to LA in 2012 and I remember exploring Silverlake for the first time. There is an amazing bead shop there that caught my eye, but for some reason I didn’t go in. This happened quite a few times until just recently, in early 2016, I actually stepped into this little haven. They have a great collection of high quality gemstone beads and I bought a few during that first visit. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use these for at the time, but I felt it was going to be magical. When I got home I was inspired to create something for my beloved and made a mala. It turned out gorgeous, manly, and strong, but yet I felt it didn’t really excite me all that much. I had been studying and reading everything I could find on the Tantric Necklace for the past few years, and at that moment it suddenly occurred to me that I could make my own.
The Tantric Necklace energy field is very strong and protected and I noticed it took a while before it fully let me in. I have a degree in engineering and mathematics, but all of a sudden I could not count. A number of similarly odd (and funny) things kept going wrong on this venture. It took almost 3 months of diligently pursuing this ancient design.
One Sunday morning everything just clicked. I finished my own personal Tantric Necklace created by my own hands, my own willpower, and my own mantra chanting. While I thought mine was beautiful, I didn’t realize the potency of it until I started wearing it in public. I received SO MANY compliments. Many friends started asking if I could create one for them. And the rest sort of unfolded… fast and magical. I love making them and the people that I have the honor to create these for are the ones who continue to inspire the Satamber Tantric Necklace line.

3) How does wearing a tantric necklace protect us and help us?

A Tantric Necklace is created from 416 beads arranged in a powerful geometrical configuration containing the complete essence of the creative force. Wearing this tool around the central energy channel of the human body, the spine, strengthens the energy flow and activates the chakras. We benefit because the frequency of the Tantric Necklace is interwoven with the personal magnetic field, the aura. The aura is strengthened, purified and protected. When our aura is strong, all that does not serve us is redirected by nature and all that is good is naturally attracted to us.

4) Is there a mantra or motto you live by?

Sat Nam. Truth is my essence. I mentally recite this mantra continually throughout the day; it has become very personal to me. The vibration of these words have the power to keep our subconscious mind working in a way that serves us optimally. I notice greater focus and clarity when I keep the mantra going. As my inner vibration – so my outer experience, as within – so without, etc.

5) Are you a mermaid or forest fairy?
Growing up in the Amazon jungle of South America I am definitely a jungle fairy. Lush nature feeds my entire being!

6) I know you study a lot of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Tell us your favorite teaching as it applies to the male and female dynamic.

I am so passionate about this subject. These teachings have changed my life! The dynamic between men and women is very interesting. Throughout my life I’ve had a hard time figuring out what exactly our roles were, and should be, in relation to one another. While every relationship is unique, there are a few key energetic differences between the male and the female that Yogi Bhajan taught are always true. One main difference is that the aura of a woman is 16 times more densely interwoven into the fabric of the universe than the aura of the man. This is huge. We have an immense power, but with this power also comes responsibility. Similarly to how the strongest building materials are always at the bottom of a building ( i am definitely an engineer lol), Yogi Bhajan taught that if we use our power to focus on the foundation of our relationship, amazing things can be built. While previously I wanted to exclaim my power, be in control, and in a sense ‘be on top’ all the time, I decided to try this approach. Literally everything in my relationship started to flourish. I noticed that a strong base releases the pressure on the man, enhances his capacities, and opens up the space for him to give. This makes my partner really happy as it feels great for him to provide and give. In turn, it has made me beyond happy, more secure and satisfied! It is the recipe for a happy couple. Yogi Bhajan said it is the duty of a woman to uphold a dignified race and be the groundwork of a peaceful society. My goal is to partake in this mission.

“Woman is the molder. You are the molder of time, space, and of man: the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today, the husband; and the men of yesterday; the ancestors. The entire society, in theory and reality, is based on the spirit of woman.” – Yogi Bhajan

7) Do you have any beauty secrets?

Cold showers. While this might not sound like very much fun, a cold shower cleanses the blood, flushes the organs, removes toxins from the body, and strengthens the nervous system. The skin becomes clear and the hair very healthy. For me, there is just nothing that compares to the benefits of this time and cost efficient ‘secret’ for radiance inside and out..

8) What is your dream day?

It’s the day that our entire planet experiences peace.

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  1. MASS AWAKENING! When the whole world understands that we are mirrors to each other..that we are all reflections..What I do to others I do to myself.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Yes!!!! What we give we receive! Also, really enjoyed the perspective of focusing my attention on the foundational base of my relationships…intriguing and inspiring!

  3. Dove Willow says:

    What a lovely article and story! Indeed, “Woman is the molder.” She shapes, forms, weaves, inspires sensitivity, softness, peacefulness, that feminine flow which surrounds us and may, if one lets it, interlace us with beauty, goodness, grace, love. Where did you buy the pink cropped top you are wearing in these photos? It is gorgeous!

  4. Rahul says:

    Hi dear , very interesting article.. I appreciate your work..

  5. great article, I will come back here more often, because we have a space directed to tantric massage in Brazil, and the exchange of information about Tantra is always very welcome, thank you

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