Absolute Love ~ Solid Perfume for Mother’s Day with Harmanjot

A carrier of consciousness

May 8, 2017 | 6 Comments

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When Harmanjot Kaur last visited Casa Rosa we explored beautiful meditations on creating heart expansion with certain kriyas. Now she is sharing with us a lovely solid perfume using heart opening oils of rose and geranium. I felt this could be a lovely gift to make to celebrate a mama in your life, or to honor the loving mama spirit within yourself. Harmanjot makes it in sea shell lockets which can further enhance Venus energy in your life.  When she came we discussed how perfume is  a good carrier for consciousness. Food can also be a carrier and that’s why we choose to bless our meals. This is also a reason I always play mantras when making my products. The mantras can geometrically reprogram your blood, and that sacred geometry can refigure the neuro- network of your mind. We played mantras while making this Absolute Love perfume, to test the theory out.  The sound code is carried in the perfume and then reawakened when used. I definitely felt a sense of well being and light when she anointed me with the perfume after our session.

Harmanjot like most of us came to this dharma after having health issues. She discovered raw food in NYC through discovering Mathew Kenny, which then led her down the path towards healing modalities. She is now going to begin a program where she combines Kundalini and Raw Food. More on this to come . . .

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• Organic beeswax (order online or pick up at an all- natural grocer)
• Organic sweet almond oil
• Essential oil for the Heart (Rose, Rose Geranium, Rosewood, or Tuberose)
• Gold leafing (OPTIONAL)
• Suitable container
• Mantra or Intention
• Measure our equal parts beeswax and almond oil. I like to measure in the container I plan to use so that the measurement is somewhat close to exactly how much I will need.
• In a double boiler, melt the beeswax and heat the almond oil together.
• Add 8-15 drops of essential oil per containers of fragrance you wish to make.
• Play, chant and beam a mantra or positive intention into your mixture. The oil /wax mixture will take on the sacred geometry of the sounds and reconfigure (a la Dr. Emoto) according to your positive vibration. This makes the daily ritual of fragrance wearing into something much deeper. These solid perfumes were crafted listening to the White Sun II album by the band White Sun.
• Gently pour your mixture into its container.
• Sprinkle with gold leaf if desired. Gold leaf will amplify the positivity of the perfume.
• Let set. Apply. Enjoy in Love.

A version of this perfume crafted with amplified beauty on a powerful Jupiter-Venus day is available

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  1. Maria Fanoele says:

    Where is this available to buy if it is?

  2. Dove Willow says:

    I love the kitchen! so filled with light! and her “sound code” sounds intriguing and certainly beneficial to bringing us that much closer to the beauty, magic, and Oneness of Nature and we as an integral, small part.

  3. Tajna says:

    All your posts are so beautiful and thought Shiva Rose. It’s obvious you live a life awareness of what you consume and the values that matter most to me. I was wondering if you could a post on your favorite ethical makeup products. I don’t use any foundation, just an SPF powder by Mineral Fusion and have been using a Physicians Formula eyeliner but I’m sure I could source a more chemical free one.For mascara I tried Dr. Hausuchka but it literally melted off my lashes and am on Pacifica now. I use Ilia Beauty lipsticks and also this wonderful Indigo Elixirs balm, however now it is too humid to use and I store it in the fridge so it won’t melt away. It’s a wonderful multi purpose cacao based balm that I use to tame my eyebrows as well as impart a luscious hue to my cheeks and lips.
    Thank you so much for inspiring us ! Every time I read a new entry I feel tremendously grateful for your thoughtfulness at sharing wisdom.

  4. Ria says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me on to so many things! You are inspirational and fabulous, Shiva Rose!!!

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