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For several years now I have weaned myself from the traditional moisturizers and creams. All the promises of keeping our youthful look doesn’t seem worth the damage we may be doing in the long run. As we all know our skin is the largest organ we posses and if we are eating organically and healthy yet lathering on layers of chemicals we are just wasting our money and time.
The main chemicals I try to stay away from are the following:
Parabens, petrochemicals (dioxene, propylene glycol), PEG, MEA/TEA/DEA, sulfates, nanoparticles, phthalates, synthetic colors, and hydroquinone. Europe has banned over 1,000 chemicals used in skin care lines while the US has banned less than 50. One of the best skincare lines that I’ve come across is by Tata Harper. She grows all the potent botanicals at her farm in Vermont. She doesn’t purchase ready-made formulas like most companies. She has various levels for the regimens but if you are on a budget then level one is a great way to start which includes: regenerating cleanser, hydrating floral essence, and rejuvenating serum to boost collagen. This month you will see her products in Allure magazine.
Shiva Rose
To receive a 10% discount on Tata’s wonderful products please type in SHIVA for the coupon code on her website. tataharperskincare.com
This is Tata and her family on their farm in Vermont:


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  1. dana black says:

    I just received my tata harper regenerating cleanser and rejuvenating serum. Thank you so much for the skin enlightenment. True bliss!

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