Kundalini Beauty Secrets with Guru Jagat

Aging Gracefully and Naturally Through Yoga

October 16, 2014 | 2 Comments

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I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with the lovely ladies from the How You Glow blog, and Guru Jagat on Kundalini Beauty Secrets. As you all know by now, my Kundalini Yoga practice has helped me tremendously in my daily life. The excersises and meditations help raise my life condition, give me discipline, and allow me to connect to my higher power. Guru Jagat who founded The Rama Institute in Venice, is a powerhouse of energy, radiant beauty, fierce will power, manifesting goddess and more. On our visit she shared with us ancient Kundalini and Ayurvedic techniques for glowing radiant beauty. The most wonderful thing about this was that these techniques cost little or no money and are also beneficial for our well-beings and minds. Living in places like LA and New York City, we are sometimes driven to feeling insecure about our physical appearances, our bodies and aging; however, working with Guru Jagat we remember that beauty is always an internal job first. Take a look at our video beautifully filmed by Mel Blanchard on the ancient yogic beauty secrets.

For more all natural anti-aging and beauty secrets see The Local Rose.

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  1. Fee Dove Willow says:

    Please, stay with the the kundalini meditation and exercises. It is a beautiful and nourishing way to discover your grace, femininity, and spirituality.

  2. Laique says:

    Great info, thanks. Who is the music by in this video?

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