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How aligning with our the health of our yonis and skin affect our vitality

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I always jokingly say to close friends that now that wellness has become pretty much  mainstream, I have to dig even deeper for interesting material. This is why when I come across a vanguard or pioneer doing cutting edge work, I become elated as if I struck gold in some rural canyon somewhere. Meeting Mia Belle was like one of those strikes of gold. This elegant, Aquarian beauty is one of those unique beings who is crossing the bridges between new technologies and holistic philosophies.

I have been wary of lasers for some time now and when I heard about Mia and her use of radio frequency machines for the face I became intrigued. She uses futuristic equipment from various places around the globe to treat the skin in a gentle soothing way. She often makes the correlation between our nervous systems and how our skin is actually a mirror for our inner worlds.

Once we met and I felt like I found a kindred spirit. Mia’s passion for health and beauty has led her to intensive studies on how a woman’s connection to her yoni is integral to skin and vitality.

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1)What makes your heart sing?
When I’m creating! I love it when all of my research, heart, soul and experiences come into alignment in a moment and something beautiful is born. Whether it’s a new way to treat skin, an idea for an article, a new philosophy, a solution, formulation, perspective or piece of art.

2) What are three things that women who are trying to remain youthful should avoid?
The simplest answer is to avoid internal and external stresses. External stresses are things like the sun, smog, electro-stresses, and societal stressors. We live in a society that is built to do the opposite of supporting women. WE are bombarded daily with sexist and ageists ideas that truly can truly drain us on every level- body, mind and spirit. (And in actuality this is also detrimental to men) Living above the narrative of our society is key if you want to thrive and live in your truth. Internal stresses can be what you eat, what you think and how your body functions due to the coding you are born with and what you have downloaded. Keeping your hormones in balance is essential! Creating peace in your mind and not allowing stress to weaken you is essential! As far as nutrition goes, you need to take the time to listen to your own body. There’s not one right way to eat. The same goes for supplements. Creating a strong climate for your body through your diet and supplements will help you function at your most vital level.

3) How do you feel our yoni health affects our skin?
This is a huge topic of discussion! Nurturing and giving attention to our yonis can trigger a deep physiological change in all of the layers of our physical and energetic bodies. To put it simply – and just addressing the skin- it allows for flow. When there are any parts of us that we don’t allow to be integrated into our whole being, this creates a stagnant energy flow and a stagnate physical flow. Many spiritual traditions believe that our head/face is mirrored from the area of our gut to the genitals. As above, so below. I work with women on strengthening both theses areas. Which some people think is odd, but I’m telling you, there are so many connections. It’s where in many ways our identity, communication, intuition, intelligence, creativity, consciousness, ecstasy, etc. live. I also think it’s important to take note on how much society tries to control and injure women via these two areas. It’s also important to observe the backlash that has come for the traditional medical communities against women educating themselves on ways to create self-care practices. Especially how they attack the women who speak on the many options we to create optimal health. It’s so important for women to share their unique stories and practices. We also must look for solutions on a global level outside the dogmatic and structured communities we may live in.

4) What is your favorite cutting edge treatment at your salon right now?
I believe in working with the skin and not against it. Our skin has an amazing ability to react to outside stimuli. Thermal Neurogenesis is an uber result driven way to tone and repair the skin. I have the latest generation of Thermage. The latest technology and new hand-piece delivers energy into the skin without assaulting it. Almost zero downtime and there’s almost no discomfort! The results can last up to 2 years. The results I get on the face and neck are beautiful. It creates a soft, youthful and plump look versus the hard and aggressive look that other noninvasive treatments create. The Thermage on the body is a total game changer! With any energy, the patient is 50% of the chemistry, so the results can vary a bit, but this treatment by far has proven itself to be the most reliable.

5) What are your beauty secrets?
First of all-SLEEP! It’s so essential to allow your body to rest and reset. If you can’t sleep 8-9 hours at night, then allow yourself a nap during the day. Breathing practices are also key to giving my body the fuel it needs to function properly. I truly believe that we create an environment or climate for our mind, body and spirit. If we haven’t truly transcoded, on all levels, something that has created a drain or wound, we will always be chasing our beauty. Our beauty is the expression of the frequencies we are vibing with and projecting. We have to do this deep work on ourselves. Know how your own personal universe works. Know when you’re functioning from your ego, neutral heart, etc. Know what your coping mechanisms are-the helpful and hurtful. Create an empowering way to experience a life of beauty for myself and my patient has been the most rewarding and artistic venture of my life!

6) Do you have a motto or mantra you live by?
ALINGNMENT! I try not to ever use the word “heal”. I don’t believe that anything needs to be healed. Everything is always as it should be in the given circumstances. If something isn’t function the way you want in your body or in your life, you must decide to create a way to inspire a change. But nothing is truly broken. Most likely when a patient comes to me because they want to “heal” something, it’s due to a misalignment of energy. It’s an energy crisis. If you simply find what’s draining the energy and/or inspire the area with outside energy and data, the body will respond. Our bodies want to be in alignment and flowing with energy. That’s the state it strives to be in. The body knows what to do in ways we cannot (always) comprehend. So if I feel that my life isn’t flowing or vibing right, I just focus on the frequency of alignment and then I just get out of the way.

7) Why is strengthening our yoni related to strengthening our lives?
Have you heard of the theory that women posses what is known as zero point energy in their vaginas? Buddha thought so, so do many of our major religions and gurus. This is why so many religions think it’s necessary to control, own or destroy a woman’s sexuality. When you tap into just the physical strength off the vagina, you will feel more physical balance during workouts, your posture may improve and deeper cervical orgasms can be intensified. I’ve met so many patients that after getting my BelleFemme treatment report experiencing their first cervical orgasm or first “female ejaculation.”
The next change usually is feeling a stronger sense of self through connecting to your true, organic, cosmic sexuality. Women can feel more creative, safer, more vital and ecstatic. This then creates a mental sense of joy and balance. I speak on the fact that the more vital Women are the more vital this World will be.

8) What are your favorite beauty foods?
I will share specific brands with you, so that your followers can take a look at them and educate themselves from their own viewpoints and personal needs. For omegas I love “Bend Beauty.” It’s a mix of omegas and anti- oxidants. The site is very simple but informative. It’s important to find a good protein for yourself. Pea protein works best for me. As Women we need to make sure to find our bodies favorite protein. I think it’s also really important to find out what “milk” product works for you. So many of the nut options can be undesirable for many people. Try goats milk, it works great for me. I just use a bit for protein shakes our in my tea. A great source for proteins, greens and enzymes is from the Australian line that Elle MacPherson co-created called “Welle Co.” Their Super Elixir has been a beautiful addition to my diet.

9) What would you take to a desert island to help your skin?
If I could take only one thing- it would be apple cider vinegar! It helps with tons of skin issues, can be used as a cleaning agent, helps with internal cleansing and balancing. It also helps with sunburns!

10) What is on your nightstand?
I keep my aromatherapy mini-humidifier by my bed. It helps to keep a little more moisture in the air and I can add whatever essential oils I feel I need. I have my Refab product that is an amazing resurfacer for the face that you apply twice a week. I apply it to my hands and feet every night in bed to keep them smooth and soft. I also keep my LED red light under my bed and I apply it to my chest for a few minutes. Practicality is key in a beauty routine.

11) Are you a mermaid or forest fairy?
I feel that I naturally have such a connection to water. I swear that I had a past life as a mermaid! But in this life I definitely feel like a forest fairy. The mountains, trees, still lakes, deep rooted trees, flowers and herbs make feel the most grounded and alive! The forest my play ground. It fills my heart like nothing else! xx

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