Bountiful Bulbs

One thing I like to do in the new year with the young ones is to plant bulbs. They are so easy to plant and I like to think that they represent the bounty to come in the Spring. It is almost metaphorical how we sow a seed or bulb, and then months later receive the reward. I personally like to do a little visualization as I am planting, imagining each bulb as something specific I want to bloom in my life.  This year we planted red Tulip Bulbs. I like to add Jobe’s Organic Bulb Food  under each bulb. Tulips originated in Holland 400 years ago and still are going strong. It is best to buy the bulbs sometime in Autumn and then keep them in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator until you are ready to plant them (8 weeks is usually a good amount of time). Since they are used to being in a freezing climate the cold fridge helps them bloom later into their full potential. They do well six inches deep, with direct sun and in a well drained area. Just make sure to plant the bulbs with the pointy side up!