Cafe Santa Fe and Street Food . . .

I first heard about about Cafe Sante Fe about twelve years ago when I first stumbled on Todos Santos. You cannot visit this town without stopping by Cafe Sante Fe for an authentically Italian organic meal. Ezio Colombo came to Todos accidently in the 1980′s back when it was a dusty dilapidated oasis on the road between Cabos San Lucas and Le Paz. He was a painter originally from as sea side Italian town, who traveled world wide until he fell in love with the sleepy, tranquil baja town. Ezio has homemade ravioli hand made every morning at his beautiful restaurant. All the produce is grown on the property in the fertile earth surrounding the perimeter. I had a great afternoon sitting, chatting and of course waiting with Ezio about all his adventures and travels. Lucky for me I was the only one in the cafe so I had his full attention.

Ezio . . . himself

wood burning oven for wonderful pizza


beautiful decor Italians do so well

From the Plaza across from the cafe you can get some fresh cut fruit with all the authentic Mexican toppings. I love it with the works: chili, salt, lime . . . what could be better after a day swimming in the sea than some refreshing fruit with a bang! If  you prefer sweet rather than savory La Paloma Ice Cream shop has homemade popsicles and ice cream with all fresh ingredients.

Fresh popsicles from La Paloma



  1. This town and cafe sound so charming – new entries on the places-to-go list. also, I followed your previous link to Pamela Salzman’s website, made her Spinach & Quinoa Salad, and have been eating it for days. Seriously refreshing and yum. : ) Thanks for the info!

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