Celebrating Spring with Mystic Mamma


Spring Equinox Celebrations

Mijanou Montealegre and I have been orbiting each other for over a year and finally the planets aligned!  She is the mysterious maven behind the magical blog Mystic Mamma. She is truly a gentle shaman who connects to our great mother whether through her drumming and singing, making of mandalas, or raising her daughter with consciousness. We had such a beautiful day on the Spring Equinox taking me to a childlike joy. We made flowers wreaths, sang songs, planted crystal seeds back into the earth, made a mandala and brought the sun out from behind the clouds . . . literally! Part 2 with the interview with Mystic Mamma will be up tomorrow. Happy Spring Roses!


Flower Wreaths


Planting Crystals



Mijanou Montealegre of Mystic Mamma


Shiva Rose of The Local Rose


Spring Equinox Celebrations with Shiva Rose and Mystic Mama




  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful women. It’s so nice to see a face to say thank you to, for your postings have fed me and guided me this past year. Thank you Mystic mama, Mary Lawrence

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