Finding Peace During the Holidays

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This week I continue my partnership with EILEEN FISHER as I explore the ways in which I balance a stressful season. In this webisode I show the ways in which I gather a bit of peace either before work, or on a Sunday when my children are not home. All the wonderful clothes were provided by EILEEN FISHER and represent what a sustainable conscious company can look like. As a single mom trying to sustain a livelihood, I feel myself getting swallowed by stress at times. Studies are now proving that stress can lead to disease, so more than ever I try to find ways of alleviating it. For myself, I find solace on my walks or even simply from a hot bath. I have also been learning some breathing meditations from my friend Katie Day that have made a difference in my daily life. ┬áDeepak Chopra states that “good thoughts create happy molecules in our body.” More and more I am seeing the significance of creating a peaceful environment not only in my physical life but in my mind.

Here is a list of my 5 favorite supplements that get me through stressful times:

1) Maca. I like Navitas Naturals Maca Powder
(Delicious maca smoothie under Nourish this week.)Maca Balances hormones and has been used by the indigenous of Peru for hundreds of years.
2) MSM Crystals
Great for joint pain and any aches and pains. This powder has completely taken away my hip pain.
3) Primrose Oil
Great for hormones and skin.
4) Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
If I ever feel the slightest bit off this will knock away any cold. It enters your system right away!
5) Garden of Life Primal Defense
The gut is the key to optimal health.