Ode To Eau De Rose

Middle Eastern and Eastern European women have been using Rose water for centuries to insure their luminous skin. Rose water is a natural astringent, has anti-inflamatory qualities, and the smell lifts moods and opens the heart chakras. I like to wake up in the morning and mist my face before adding a moisturizer. There are so many wonderful brands but here are my favorite four!~

Russian River Rose Water
Made in Northern California by a family run business with lovely Rose products.

Santa Maria Novella 
From the old incredible Florentine house of amazing products Santa Maria Novella never fails to impress. The Rose Water is an ancient recipe that smells delicate and divine. This is a wonderful gift idea too.


Heritage Rosewater
This is the product I keep in the car, fridge, and in the bathroom for easy access and easy misting. It’s from a company that uses all organic ingredients and keeping it cold is perfect on those hot, humid days when you need relief. I like to spray it on the kids too when they get out of line! ;  )





Cortas Rose Water
This Rose Water hails from Lebanon where they say the roses are the sweetest. My incredible Sister in law Stephanie bought me some of this rose water from the Persian market and it is wonderful for dessert items or even sprinkle some over vanilla ice cream.






  1. For the past two years I’ve been misting my face with Cortas rosewater, pre-moisturizing. I’m fair, and my skin has never been more even-toned nor had such a glow! The stuff smells divine…also works a great yoga mat refresher. : )

  2. I Love Cortas rose water, I use it on my face and spray it on my body after a my shower before rubbing in my oils for my skin. I also have some in my daughters water spray bottle that I use to wet her hair when I’m putting it up for school, the smell is a nice touch and makes her hair smell nice and clean, better than using chemical laden sprays. thanks shiva for all that you do, I love your blog its always so interesting and informative. x

  3. i have cortas rose water in my pantry – i buy it from the local middle eastern deli & nut roaster – they also stocks grains, legumes, good coffee and fresh labna – love going there its a real treat! My favourite way to use rose water is mixed with fresh ricotta, cinammon and a drizzle of honey – the most perfect snack!

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