Organic Cereals = Roses From the Fields

From The Fields - GranolaFrom The Fields - PorridgeFrom The Fields - OatmealFrom The Fields - Muesli

I have been staying at my mother’s place up in Northern California and one of the greatest perks about visiting her is discovering Northern California gems. She turned me on to this wonderful company From the Fields that makes delicious cereals all from fresh, organic grains. My favorite cereal out of the line is of course called Current Rose and is filled with flax seeds, currants, pumpkin seeds, rose petals, walnuts and vanilla bean. I like to soak my oatmeal or muesli over night in a cup of water and a tablespoon of yogurt. This helps with breaking down the grains so your system has an easier time digesting. The slight fermentation adds some extra enzymes as well.

I love these basic guide lines on their site for the food revolutionary!

  • Eat unsprayed/organic food. It serves your body – and the planet.
  • If you eat meat, eat it sparingly and make sure it comes from a farmer who pastures her livestock, avoids antibiotics and steroids and provides humane living conditions. Look for grass fed beef, truly free-range chickens and ethically sourced fish.
  • Keep GMOs and BPA out of your diet. It’s all a grand experiment, and we’re the test subjects.
  • Eat local/know your farmer. Eating in your local foodshed means less fossil fuel used to transport food as well as the opportunity to know more about who’s growing your food and how. Joining a CSA is a great place to start.
  • Eat seasonal foods. The joys of the “firsts”  - think asparagus, strawberries, heirloom tomatoes – are a simple pleasure worth waiting for. Eating seasonally also grounds you to season and place.
  • Bring gratitude to the table. Taking a moment for a simple “thank you for this food” is a direct path for acknowledging how blessed we are.
  • Grow some of your own food. Picking lettuces or herbs outside your doorway (ideally barefoot!) is a doorway to pleasure and connection to the earth.
  • Cook at home. Food made with mindfulness and love is truly more nutritious. Think simple, plan ahead, involve your children.
  • Eat together. The pleasures of the table are meant to be shared. Teach your children, celebrate abundance, talk about what matters to you. Connect.