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Packing orders for stores like @capbeautydaily and @catbirdnyc for roses like you💗🌹 it's a dream come true to create gentle, nourishing beauty for sisters across the globe ✨ the glow face balm is made with scared frankincense rose, ylang ylang, coconut oil, shea butter and crystal love✨ the radiant rose water is an anti aging mist/toner with sea minerals and essential oils, aloe, camellia used since ancient times by geishas more info on the new site #thelocalrose #shivarose #shivarosebeauty #naturalbeauty #nontoxic #rose #rosequartz #venus #crystals #skincare #naturalskincare #antiaging #sea
Not sure why the word goddess is banned on Instagram but words of profanity and derogatory terms towards women are acceptable. Is it fear towards the empowerment of women gathering to create a powerful dynamic? Curious indeed ✨perhaps a sign that we are creating shifts that we are waking up from a long dark slumber 🌙image by @goddess_rising #thelocalrose #community #rising #bringbackthegoddess
Our mother is in great danger and us along with her. On Kauai my heart place there is massive destruction taking place on the west and south sides of the island. The pesticide and GMO monsters are experimenting on this sacred place, poisoning the land, making the Hawaiians sick, and taking away our rights to clean good, water and air. Last week the Dark Act passed in congress we need to all wake up🌞the Dark Act is trying to stop labeling so we don't know what foods will have cancer causing GMO ✨ please do your research and watch this short film on the issue on Kauai 🌈 here we are taking in the nectar of the mama in Honopu blessing ourselves with her pure waters. She needs our protection as we do 🙏 #nongmo #fuckmonsanto #waterfalls #wakeup #kauai #banpesticides #organic #aina #banpoison #thedarkact2015 #divinemother
Wish I could always have my hair braided by the master @davidlopezhair 🙏✨ this was for an upcoming campaign for @t3micro 💫 some great hair tips: eat foods high in zinc like pumpkin seeds, cacao. Take biotin, vitamin C, magnesium, niacin found in peanuts and MSM. I also eat ghee and raw dairy to help with vitamin B 5 intake #thelocalrose #healthyhair #naturalbeauty #antiaging #nongmo #organic #thickhair #braids #gameofthrones #braidstyle
Today on The Local Rose an interview with the ray of light 💫 Brooke Rewa @renewjuicery ✨ I've been a fan of her all glass, all organic pressed juices and mylks for years, and now she has a store front in Venice where you can also try cryosauna therapy✨cryosauna was only available to big time athletes but now you can try the anti aging cold method that builds new cells, creates collagen, stops inflammation and more ✨ #thelocalrose #cryosauna #pressedjuices #tonics #organic #nongmo #antiaging #radiantskin my dress by @milena_silvano 💙
Good ole' Anais Nin 📖 I went through my Anais obsession in my twenties. I hope all young women include her in their canon. She was the ultimate feminine feminist 💗"and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" 🌹🌹🌹 #books #literature #anaisnin #sexy #inspiration #thelocalrose
A new site devoted to just the beauty line 🌹 please take a look at the new roses ✨ Glow face balm made with Shea butter, argan oil, rose hip, holy frankincense, rose and ylang ylang ✨radiant rose water mist/toner with sea minerals, vitamin C, comfrey and more ✨ nectar body oil with cardamom and ylang ylang ✨ all the ingredients are hand picked and chosen for their powerful properties ✨ all products made in a high vibrational environment with mantras and crystals ✨ 🌹#shivarose #natural #nontoxic #naturalbeauty

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