ROSEGRAM @localrose

Having a love affair with my crystal family this morning πŸ™the littlest one is a super seven thank you Jena πŸ‘‘ @audreyyking found by @zenbunni ✨ also known as the melody stone named after the queen author of crystal book. As the song age of Aquarius says "mystic crystal revelations and the minds true liberation . . . " #ageofaquarius #thelocalrose
So excited to be on the lovely #ToryDaily @toryburch today! πŸ’š I get a bit personal here talking about how my battle with life threatening auto immune conditions, a divorce, and career change led me to create #thelocalrose and a new life closer to mama earth. Practicing kundalini, hiking in the mountains and a diet free of GMO's has led me here to all of you where my heart is #nongmo #organic #nontoxicbeauty #shivarose #kundalini #breatheoffire πŸ™βœ¨πŸŒ™πŸ™
Reading books lately on witch hunts of ages past. Witch light by Susan fletcher is my favorite where the girl Corag has to flee to the highlands of Scotland after her mother is killed for treating people with plant medicine. Her love for the natural world is deeply profound. #thelocalrose #witch #witchlight photo @sophrosunewellness πŸŒΏπŸƒ
So very proud of my two sisters Patricia and Rosetta. When they were little street urchins on Hollywood blvd at the tender age of 10, one of them dreamnt of being an actress, and the other a fashion designer. Through hardships, heartbreaks, poverty, and pain they both rose up last night illuminated by the paths of their dreams. @rosettagetty designed her best friend @pattyarquette oscar dress last night. This is an example of how we can surmount any obstacle through friendship, love and sisterhood. #oscars2015 #patriciaarquette #sisterhood #rosettagetty #victory #spirit #bestfriends πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ’›. @lilmommastacy ❀️
It takes a village to get an earthy gal into glamour mode thank you so much @cushnieetochs for the dress @brigitteandstone for the diamond hearts @_ep_ for hair and @kerrymaloufmakeup for makeup #oscars2015 #thelocalrose πŸ’—
So honored to be on this beautiful site created by the inspiring @carrieannemoss. πŸ™βœ¨ a lovely place to receive wisdom, guidance and love @loveannapurnaliving #thelocalrose #annapurnaliving
Meet Erica @kitchenmousela the culinary wizard behind the charming vegan Highland park eatery Kitchen Mouse Cafe 🐭today on the site! I'm craving the quinoa salad with dill pesto and gluten free pancakes with coconut and berries πŸ“ I love exploring different neighborhoods in my fair city of angels #Highlandpark #Vegan #thelocalrose #larestaurants #angeleno

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