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May we celebrate the witch or doran in us all whether it be listening to our intuition, being connected to Gaia, or flying high to the stars . . . Regram photo @woman.rising 🍂🍁🎃🍁🍂#juniperbook#wisechildbook #thelocalrose
Did you know most polishes have formaldehyde? It's known as a human carcinogen causing cancer. Breast cancer is now affecting women in their 20's and 30's mostly from environmental causes. Well thank goddess that us ladies can have pretty nails 💅without the toxins. Today on the blog non toxic manicures with 🌺 @sheswai and discover @coteshop salon for organic argan oil treatments 💗#thelocalrose #nontoxicbeauty #manicures #toxicfreesalons
Creating autumn magic with the beauty @yasminemei wreaths of harvest bounty soon to come on the blog 🍠🍁🍊🌰🍂
An article I wrote on how I overcame life threatening autoimmune illnesses like lupus, RH and scleroderma by converting to a totally organic diet. Today on the site @worldlifestyle #nongmo #thelocalrose #organic 🍶🍎🍇🍐🍌🌽
Walking the beauty way in ojai valley with birthday goddess @awaveawake with @plantbabyla @snataf the canyon winds blowing us clean with its purity. 🍃✨🌿🍃✨🌿
New moon 🌙 in Scorpio regram @nourishedjournal time to release emotions or thoughts that burden us, and reaffirm what we want to 🌜🌛manifest. Autumn winds are blowing ready to clean the hearth.
Everything's coming up roses . . . Photo by @patrikmilani #CFDA @voguemagazine 💗🌹💗🌹💗

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