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Remember those fantasies as a child about the life you wanted when you grew up? Well you were beginning to manifest your path without even knowing it 🌟 how many of us have gone down a path due to others opinions? It takes courage to live your dreams ✨ In kundalini class the other night I heard something profound by yogi Bhajan • • He said "we were meant to be happy and have the lives we dream of" • • True god or source wants our happiness we need to be ok with having our dreams comes true 🙌💗✨💗🙌 #sundaysermon #thelocalrose #manifestation #kundalini #meditation photo @thoughtfullymagazine #yogibhajan
You all feel a bit more emotional the last couple of days? Must be the power of this full moon in Pisces @mysticmamma says "supermoon is rising on the 29th in dreamy Pisces bringing forth the fluid energies of the unseen worlds. This is a beautiful spiritual moon that calls us to connect with the deepest part of our soul and to remember that there's more to life than meets the eye. We are being called to feel beneath the surface to access the magic" thank you for bringing us this wisdom sweet sister mystic mama 🙏💗 good evening to journal, look at intentions from the last new moon, ask ourselves where we want to go, charge crystals, self care, and be in the fullness of our dreams #fullmoon #picsesmoon #emotions #fullmoontonight #manifestation #moonrituals #unseen
The price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care. - feeling quite wolf like today ✨ yearning to run to the mountains and seek out the full moon coming in all her glory 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 photo @the_vista #womenwhorunwiththewolves #fullmoon #picsesmoon #spiritanimal #antiherdmentality #thelocalrose #wolf #wolves
As an artistic, shy child I never felt like I fit in with my peers and then I discovered films, books and music ✨ in my childhood days there was a cable station called The Z Channel and that became my educational gateway to the world. I watched all the great films by Antonioni, Goddard, Bertolucci, Van Sant and more and decided at the age of twelve I would become an actress or rather a story teller. . . .natassja kinski was a role model for me her quiet accent, her soulful eyes, and smoldering ways #thelocalrose #paristexas #redsweater #fallinspiration #natassjakinski #films #venusreturn #tess #zchannel #art #muse #sexy #wimwenders #harrydeanstanton
Oh yes! How to stop time 💋💋💋repost @charcoalalley #thelocalrose #venusreturn #kissing #reading #music #journaling #kundalini #breatheoffire
Today on The Local Rose part 2 with @renewjuicery ✨ Brooke teaches us the recipe for making Golden Mylk ✨ this ancient Ayurvedic elixir with turmeric, ginger and pepper is anti inflammatory, boosts immunity, promotes digestion, helps skin, brain memory and more 💛✨💛✨#thelocalrose #goldenmilk #goldenmylk #elixir #tumeric #ginger #antiaging
Oh Mondays! Loads of work ahead with orders to be filled🌹I'm grateful for the day I had at esalen Saturday to charge up. So vital we take time for ourselves so we can then give back to our communities and planet 🌼 Saturday I sat in stillness by the springs and had a hummingbird land on my knee for an instant 🙏 hummingbird medicine is my favorite all about flowers and spreading their divine beauty to others. Nature gives us all the information we need we just have to slow down and listen, taste, and see 🙏 #thelocalrose #hummingbird #esalen #rest #slowdown #bigsur #sacredwaters

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