Part 2 – Mark and The People’s Movement

1) What inspired you to be a part The Peoples Movement? Is it the eco conscious aspect?
Well, I was initially inspired to create a “eco-conscious” sneaker company that specifically stood for the fight against single use plastics after my first trip to Bali years ago.  I saw this beautiful island that was once a paradise and now was becoming a plastic wasteland all in a time span of 30 years or so.  I saw Bali as a microcosm of what is happening globally.  In a twist of fate, shortly after coming home from that trip I got invited to meet a group of scientists, artists, lawyers and activists that had started the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  That’s where I first met Captain Charles Moore who discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a few years back and was horrified by what I had heard.  I learned just how bad the single use plastics problem had become and was inspired to become involved full time.  
The actual opportunity to start MOVMT came when my brother in law called me as he was leaving his job at REEF (the sandal) company where he was the VP of Marketing for 5 years.  He had been wanting to start his own company as he had 16 years of experience in fashion working for companies like Oakley, Globe, ASR Tradeshows and Reef.  He and I had spoke at great lengths about starting our own company that was a true reflection of our values.  I had it in my mind to have a hip, mission based company with an eco-conscious focus…for me, that was to incorporate our entire brands mission into stopping Single Use Plastics and it’s toxic effects on animals, humans and our planet.  Kevin and I chose this focus, because we see it as a battle that can be won through education and awareness.  Everyday humans consume enough single use plastics that if you line them up end to end they would circle the globe 4 times…this plastic waste will never go away and is made of horrible toxic chemicals like petroleum and BPA (bispenol A).  Most people just don’t know how bad they are, but when you educate people they immediately care and work to change their consumption habits.  That’s what The People’s Movement is about…being a conversation starter for how we consume and what kind of companies we support with our hard earned $’s!
2) Do you think being raised on a cattle ranch as a kid had an impact on how you see the world?
Absolutely. I was raised in one of the most beautiful, un-developed areas I’ve ever been to.  My mother raised my and all of my siblings to respect nature, nuture it and enjoy it.  Everyday was spent working hard and playing outdoors on the ranch under that magical, big, blue Arizona sky.  My mother always taught us that we were apart of nature and did not “own” it.  Rather, she raised us to be responsible, “stewards” of the land and to leave it better than we found it.  She’s an incredible woman and definately along with my Dad my two biggest influences.  I’m very lucky and love them both soo much and am thankful for amazing childhood they provided for me.  
3) What is your dream vacation?  Hmmm, since I haven’t had a vacation in almost a year, the list is getting big!  Right now, I’m dreaming of going on a proper surf trip with the boys which will be down at a secret spot in Mainland Mexico all the way down south…it’s very rugged, simple and beautiful.  It’s not developed down there and it loaded with untouched beaches and perfect point breaks.  The brothers that run the camp are 6 and 7th generation fishermen and passionate watermen.  We’re up with the sun and surfing about 8 hours a day.  Exercise, sun, surf, warm water, healthy food, great friends, memories that will keep me going for another year…for a lifetime.  
4) What or where is your favorite meal? Sushi! But, really any home cooked meal with friends and loved ones and great wine!  
5) This is a question the ladies will want to know. What do you find attractive in a woman?  Sense of humor, confidence, adventurous spirit, affectionate, athletic, humbleness.  Also, beautiful 
6) Mountain man or ocean love?  I’m a man of the salt and the earth…I love all different terrains and want to explore until the day I die.
7) Where can we find these wonderful shoes?  Nordstrom in California, Nordstrom Online, American Rag in LA / OC, LF, Weekend Lovers…soon to be Reformation and Free People as well as
8 ) What book is on your nightstand?  Actually, theres a few!    “A Hologram For The King” by Dave Eggers, “Under The Volcano” by Malcolm Lowry and “Tropic of Cancer” by Henry Miller.  I’m A.D.D.!
9) Where do you see yourself in ten years? I see myself living in a humble home with gardens, ocean views , recording space, a loving, awesome wife and a couple kids running around keeping me young.  I see single use plastics being banned and The People’s Movement being the best selling eco-conscious brand that was part of starting the 2nd Industrial Revolution….my kids will be running around in little MOVMT sneakers that are 100 % sustainable and bio-degradable.  That’s where I see myself…that’s my dream…dreams are the fuel that keeps me going.