Red For Roses, Lips, and Nails

I have been wearing red lipstick ever since I was allowed to wear makeup. I started wearing it just so I could emulate all the old movie stars I grew up obsessing about, but now I feel almost incomplete if I don’t have some form of color on my mouth. Both Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth stained their lips red for they knew it represented love and passion. For this New Year’s Eve I will probably wear a vintage dress and finish the look with my old standby of red nails and lips. I am so excited that there are plenty of gorgeous hues of reds by companies that do not use phthalates, formaldehyde, or other toxins. I recently discovered Hour Glass makeup made by a local lady that has wonderful lip and cheek stains and glosses. The Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Icon is a perfect red and it matches with my favorite butter LONDON in Saucy .


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  1. Beautiful! I read about ‘Hourglass’ recently, their products look great. In my 20’s I used to wear red lips all the time – then went towards more fushia shades…now Im in my early 40’s and cant seem to do Red anymore – it feels so foreign and odd on my face – I do love the look though! Very sultry..

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