Ceremonial Fans Made in Prayer

Connecting to the Great Spirit with the help of the Sacred Arts Foundation.

September 11, 2015 | 3 Comments


One of the highlights of my summer was attending workshop making ceremonial fans with two angelic beings Xango Shola and Brooke Flying Bear. These two lovely spirits come to us from Brooklyn, where they are part of a collective called Sacred Arts Foundation. Shola and Brooke led us in an eight hour day of magic and creating beauty. The workshop was held in a romantic canyon nest, the home of earth mama Kari who has the herbal beauty line Poppy and Someday.

I first met the Made in Prayer duo at Spirit Weavers when they played their deeply soulful songs and instruments for a Cacao Ceremony I took part in. I was so moved by their singing of Native American songs, that I felt my heart had burst opened. They sang again at the start of the fan making workshop to open the circle, which was just as glorious as it was under the redwoods. After we opened the ceremonial circle, we began to create our fans. The fans are exquisite creations using electric colored parrot feathers. The ancient and alchemical ceremonial work integrates mind, body, and spirit, and can be a way to weave in intentions and desires in the process. Bird feathers have been used for blessings, purifications, healings and ceremonies since ancient times and a way to connect to the Great Spirit.

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It took a lot of focus, brainpower and handiwork to create these fans, and I doubt we could have made them with anyone else. It helped  being in a group of likeminded sisters, and having Brooke and Shola gently guide us with their endless patience. They taught us so much about leatherwork, choosing compatible thread colors, the magic of feathers and more. They brought with them their wisdom, medicine, songs, grace and generosity of spirit. The day flowed seamlessly like a beautiful dream.

I now keep my fan on my altar next to my beloved drum that I made last Autumn. My fan is used often when clearing energy or starting a ritual, but more than that it reminds me of that day when we all came together to create something sacred from our very own hands and hearts. I am deeply grateful to these two for their sacred teachings.




  1. Mel says:

    Beautiful post! I need to make a fan! Where do you buy your feathers? Xoxoxo

  2. katie says:

    The pictures are nice, but this didn’t tell us anything about how to actually make a similar one on our own.. so what was it ultimately about? 🙁

    • Shiva Rose says:

      Thank you Katie. Yes the workshop was so in depth and detailed that I don’t think it is a DIY craft. I think the best thing to do is take a class with them. They travel a lot to various cities to teach the process. The post was about their devotion to teaching the lost craft of fan making. Thank you for your comment!

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