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A talk about achieving bliss

January 3, 2017 | 1 Comment


As many of you who have been following The Local Rose know, I have been an avid Kundalini student for many years now. I feel the daily meditation practice, and classes with my teacher Guru Jagat, has created a focused trajectory that has been a guiding light for me to build a foundation on. What I adore about Guru Jagat is her modern, humorous, approach to the practice. She can disarm the ones who are cynical and wary of any organized practice, and then guide them towards an enlightened state with a powerful and moving meditation.

For me this practice has taught me about how to attain bliss. When I say bliss I am referring to a deep joy that emanates from my heart chakra. I think most people can attempt to achieve bliss through altering their reality through substances, or temporally with food and other numbing devices. The bliss I mean is through a daily practice and listening to mantras that can actually help shift the neuro pathways in our brain. Yogi Bhajan’s incredible teachings have helped me to access parts of my brain and clear parts of the negative unconscious. From taking consistent classes with Guru Jagat, I was able to have the ‘download’ about creating my skin care line. From her and the teachings, I have been able to strengthen my nervous system, so that I can handle the trials of life and yet have a joyful attitude in the midst of it.

Guru Jagat has been making Kundalini accessible with the wonderful concept of live streaming her classes from The Rama Institute. Now between that, and her new book Invincible Living, there is no excuse to change our lives and make our dreams a reality. She came over recently and discussed a few kriyas from her book to help us become radiant and powerful. Take a look at the webisode below for more ~



From acclaimed yoga teacher Guru Jagat comes a wildly cool, practical, and beautifully illustrated guide to applying the simple and super-effective technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to everyday life, upgrading your “operating system” inside and out.
With Invincible Living, Guru Jagat shares a radical way of understanding yoga—not just as something to do in practice, but as a broader principle for living. Candid, encouraging, and irreverent, Guru Jagat shows how Kundalini Yoga—which forgoes complex poses for energy-boosting, breath-driven exercises, quick meditations, and simple poses most of which you can do at your desk—can reset your life and well-being, regardless of your age or background.
Designed explicitly for everyday people, not ashram-going or gym-bodied yogis, fast, effective Kundalini techniques can be done anywhere, from the car to the conference room. There’s no need to have a bendy back or toned arms. You don’t even need a mat: just a quiet space to clear your head, and as little as a minute out of your day.
From beauty and self-care to work and relationships, Invincible Living tackles both the mind—from mood elevation and stress reduction to renewed mental clarity—and the body—from anti-aging, and increased metabolism to amped up energy. Packed with tips, exercises, and step-by-step instructions and fully photographed and illustrated in Guru Jagat’s fresh, handmade-meets-hipster style, Invincible Living is fresh take on ancient wisdom: a must-have guide for anyone who wants simple, effective, tools for a supercharged life as taught by a uniquely compelling teacher who upends all preconceptions about yoga.

Photos and Video by: Mel Blanchard

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  1. Josephine says:

    Loved this. I ordered Guru Jagat’s book after reading your article. The book arrived this week and has a beautiful energy. Also happy to hear you are writing your book as well, Shiva. Look forward to the publication day. Thank you for all your light.

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