The Return of Venus ~ A Meditation to Harness Her Love

A piece written by Elyssa Jakim

May 19, 2017 | 3 Comments



Here is another piece written by the wise Elyssa Jakim on how we can magnetize and harness the Venus energy that has now come direct. Elyssa’s lovely site Temple of Venus, explores various insights on Venus and is a virtual school for these studies. She is a true inspiration and I feel so grateful to share this meditation with all of you roses . . .

I know for myself I have felt a definite shift since May 18th when Venus has gone direct. It isn’t a coincidence a few old flames connected with me yesterday morning,  and that I suddenly feel a more flirtatious energy in my field. I am going to use this meditation to enhance my world with more love, beauty and joy . . .

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”

– John Keats


Since March 4, 2017, the planet Venus has been in retrograde. Venus retrograde is a time that brings light to our relationships. Namely, it asks us to heal our experiences of love, beauty, money, sexuality, and the feminine—no small order. So if these areas have been tender for you of late, know that you have indeed been in a healing cycle, that your timing is impeccable, and that you are in good company. Venus begins to move direct on April 15 and she moves out of her shadow on May 18 so that you may step out into the high spring season with renewed vigor. This is a ripe to begin or deepen a goddess practice.

What is a goddess practice? Simply your own exploration of the goddess archetype. Such a practice can take many forms. Because the feminine is intuitive by nature, you are invited to feel into what your own version may look like. Working with goddesses—and with Venus in particular—teaches that the divine feminine exists within all of us. The following Goddess meditation is a tool to remind you that you your own expression of that divine feminine force. As you become familiar with this goddess energy, you come to know a truth deep in your bones: that your beauty, power, supply, peace—your wholeness—emanates from within. This meditation helps you look inward to find your inner goddess.

Note: although it may seem female-centric, this practice can be used by anyone, for we all contain feminine and masculine energy within us.


To begin, set your space to feel divine. Choose colors, scents, and sights that are loving to you, adorning your space with them. Dim the lights; opting for candles. Welcome fresh flowers. Listen to dreamy music. Sprinkle rose petals on your bed. You can even create an altar with offerings to Venus (the Venus article about Milk, Honey, Roses, and Kisses for Venus will holds ideas for altar objects), or you can arrange these gifts throughout your space. Bless your interior, for it houses all the layers of you.


Next, if it inspires you, adorn your own body by imaging how goddess you might dress. Wear a garment that helps you feel radiant and sensual. Or wear no clothes at all and anoint your body with an entrancing scent or oil. Notice how you already feel divine by taking this time to celebrate yourself. Let the process be fun and playful and watch your heart expand.

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There are many ways to perform this meditation. You can follow the text, journeying one line at a time. You can read the text through a few times to familiarize yourself with the meditation’s movements and then travel through it on your own. You can listen along with the recording (a slight variation on what’s below). Always adjust for what brings you the most joy.

Lying down or sitting up comfortably, close your eyes. Surrender your body, letting whatever is underneath you hold your weight. Remember that the Earth is here to cradle you. Starting with an exhale, breathe out then in three times. Let the breaths be deep. Notice the simple transformation that breathing brings.

Notice your heart, feeling your heartbeat. Remember that the Earth has a heartbeat too. Sense the Earth’s heartbeat, its sounds and rhythm. Like an ancient drum, the Earth guides you home. Breathe. Allow your heart space to receive the love of the Earth. You are expandingFeel your lower body, remembering that your pelvis is a bowl that holds sacred material. Your pelvis is sacred. It is your sexual center. Thank your pelvis, feeling everything it contains. Let it root you down deep into the earth. Imagine that the bowl of your pelvis has melted into the core of the earth.

Now sense how your heart and pelvis energy meet and meld together. Love and sensuality dance inside you. Breathe.

Feeling the Earth underneath you, welcome a flower to greet you, imagining it in your mind’s eye. Notice its color and texture. Let the flower enter your body. Feel the energy and essence of this flower. This flower is yours. For you. The flower replicates and now you are bathed in a bouquet of it, as if taking a bath of flowers, perfumed by petals. Rest in your flower bath for as long as you choose, taking in its essence.

When you are ready, it is time to invite in your goddess. Say these words out loud (or speak a mantra that you prefer) “I would like to meet my inner goddess. I invite her to be with me now.” Pause. Breathe in the feeling that the words evoke. Notice if any of your senses have opened up. Imagine your inner goddess approaching with a smile and open arms. Experience her energy. Receive her grace. Breathe in her beauty, peace, and love. Let her arms cradle you. Keep breathing for some time.

Here is a space for your creativity and intuition to fill in. This is your personal goddess practice, after all. You can start a conversation with your goddess, or simply receive her energy. Explain your hopes, dreams, fears, and desires to her. Perhaps your goddess has a message for you. Receive it. Receive this gift. Receive.

Ask your inner goddess to show you that she is no different from you. Allow her form to become your own. Feel how you glow. Feel and know your own radiance. Rest in this loving presence of your Self for as long as you like.

When you are ready to close the meditation, allow a thousand of your flower petals to wash over you. Next sense a waterfall of luscious spring water rushing over you—clearing cleansing, uplifting all of your cells and all of you.


Return to your body with three deep breaths, remembering your pelvis and your heart. Feel the earth underneath you. Affirm something beautiful about yourself such as, “I am wonderful!” Make any small movements with your body that feel good. Slowly return to the space in your own time.

Move through your day nourished by your goddess essence.


This practice can be used any time you would like to connect more deeply to yourself. You are invited to play and experiment with it as you see fit. May your inner goddess light extend outward to bless the world.

A message from Venus:

You are beautiful, inside and out. That is the truth of the goddess. That is your truth. You bless the Earth with every breath you take. Enjoy each moment wholeheartedly. Dance and sing. Sing your heart, you beauty incarnate. And love, love, love, love, love! Love it all.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this luscious practice with us. A great reminder for self care and to step into your own wisdom. Namaste!

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    I love you and your works. xo, juliette

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    Beautiful site and great content!!

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