Scorpio New Moon ~ Using the Energy to Transform

November 17, 2017 | 2 Comments


I have been attempting to live in rhythm with the moon and it’s cyclical wisdom for about two decades. I find when I do I just am more in harmony with the elements and myself. The moon can affect the tides of the oceans, and since we are mostly water imagine how it can influence us. For new moon rituals I like to harness the new beginnings of a new moon to bring in specific intentions. This varies from what you would do one a full moon which is more about releasing and recognizing things you want to let go.

New moon’s are a wonderful time to sew seeds, journal about intent, start a new endeavor, create a change in your life. I’m thrilled to have a summary of what this moon’s energy is about by intuitive and astrologer Danielle Page.


We have a beautiful, deep, and penetrating new moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio on Saturday, November 18th.

As with all new moons it’s a time to open with calm wonder of the universe and plan your next steps to move forward. As I always say, it’s not the time to rush out the gate. The energy is still low and the light is still dim, however, it’s growing and this is important for the cycle that you are in. It’s important to remember, you are the universe in motion and you are flowing to the rhythm of the celestial dance.

This new moon is specifically about magick and  yes that’s magicK with a K. When we create magicK it’s because we work with the energy of the universe, the pulse of our hearts, and the focus of our mind.

Scorpio is a fixed sign and is a master at diving deep with clear focus so that it can cut through the clutter and get to the heart of any issue.

With the current energy of this new moon it’s about your deep emotional feelings that need to come up. The plot twist this time?

This new moon is making contact (for the astrologers our there it’s in a quincunx) with the planet Uranus. Uranus is all about breaking free from old patterns. It shakes things up so you can feel liberated from your past.

With all the energy combined it’s about freeing yourself from your own emotional patterns that hold you back. This is a juicy one!

On top of that Saturn is on the galactic center right now. This is huge. Saturn is about lessons and structure. The Galactic center is the rotational center of the Milky Way and it acts as a portal for high dimensional information. With Saturn on it right now as we enter this new moon in psychic Scorpio there is an opportunity for channeling new information that is beyond your logical mind. You will be able to feel it in your body and soul and it can offer you many insights on your journey here on earth.

My suggestion for working with this new moon energy is to allow yourself to go into the shadow parts that you have been resisting and finally give yourself the freedom to LET GO that of which you’ve been desiring. This is one of the karmic lessons of Scorpio. To let go, transmute, and transform the old.

This is alchemy. This is Scorpio. This is your creative energy on fire and this is your free will.

There is a lot of release that can happen over the next few weeks as the energy is aligned for forward movement and we are under a strong window right now before mercury goes retrograde on December 3rd for 3 weeks. Don’t worry we will talk about that as well and it’s not all bad I promise! 🙂

For now, be the embodied goddess that you know you are in your soul. Let go. Allow. Transmute. Shake things up and listen to the guidance of source energy…which is ultimately the whisper of your heart.

Danielle Paige

Intuitive Astrologer * Healer * Spiritual Coach

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    First time on your website! I listened to your podcast on Almost 30 this morning–love! Love this blog—can’t wait to read more!

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