Stella McCartney and VIP

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Stella McCartney truly is a generous supporter of many charities and causes. She has made her love of animals take precedence in her work as a fashion designer, by using only products that don’t harm any living creature. There was s a wonderful in depth story on Stella in NY Times Magazine recently. One really realizes from reading this piece that when you listen to what your truth is, despite all the chatter from the outside world, you may be the one to create change.

This week Stella McCartney is sponsoring another hero of mine Astrid Heger and her organization Violence Intervention Program . VIP and HEART have helped bring healing and care to thousands of abused, raped and battered women and children here in Los Angeles. Recently I went to visit Astrid at her clinic downtown, where I again was reminded that we don’t have to travel to Africa to bring compassion and service to a community in need. Just a few miles away there are people suffering who can use spare clothes, extra money, or just even our awareness.