Aligning the Body’s Cells with Lauren Roxburgh

February 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

A few years ago I injured my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I have always been a pretty tough cookie as far as pain goes, and so I just lived with the constant throb and limited motion for almost a year. I think all the years I lived under inflammation in my joints from auto-immune issues, made me become almost numb to the chronic pain. This is not a positive  trait by the way, and now that I am creating a more sustainable and loving relationship with my body, I am trying to be more in awareness and that means feel the pain, and try to remedy it.

I met the lovely Lauren Roxburgh at one of Jenni Kayne’s gatherings, and I was struck with the confidence and grounded quality she had that comes from being truly in your body. I told her about my shoulder injury, and she suggested I c0me to her for a treatment. I finally followed through and went for a visit, and I was completely blown away with the experience. In the session she targeted my shoulder, and we discovered that it had actually healed, however my body hadn’t accepted the fact and so I was continuing to guard it unconsciously. After working with her we realized that I had much more range of motion than I had thought possible. It was almost like a light bulb moment when you realize your body has a mind of its own, and can create it’s own stories that may or may not be actually reality.

For this post Lauren came over and we worked on opening the heart center with her signature aligning rollers. It felt so divine to open those spaces behind my heart and let the full force of life in! I truly felt like I had had a boost of oxygen and oxytocin in one session. More with Lauren below ~

1) What makes your heart sing?

Giving and receiving LOVE, 20-second hugs, family, soul family, nature, cooking, swimming in a warm tropical ocean, horseback riding, adventure, international travel and rolling of course! Also helping people connect to their bodies and ultimately less go of what is not serving them to live a more fulfilling, authentic and aligned life.

2) Why should we try to release the tightening muscles around our heart?

We should release tightness our chest and heart area to open up our energy to the true infinite possibilities in our bodies and lives. Almost everyone I work with carries some sort of tension in his or her chest and shoulders. There is both a logistical explanation for this (too much hunching over devices!) and an emotional/energetic one, which is that we hold resentment in our armpits and shoulder blades. We also hunch as a way of protecting our heart possibly from heartbreak or other emotional trauma.
When we get in a pattern of hunching, we create very real physical ramifications: our connective tissue becomes hardened and tense; the back of our body tightens in a hunched pattern, and the front of the body closes, shortens and tightens. All of this creates front to back imbalances and weakness, which contributes, to pain, compression and the inability to move the energy freely through our heart and shoulder area.
When we release our shoulder and chest we can breathe deeper, open up and release anger and resentment; and we can open our heart to let more love in. We also present ourselves to the world in a new, more powerful and loving manner, which results in very real and powerful shifts in all areas of life.

3) I was so impressed by the way you taught me that my shoulder was healed, though I wasn’t accepting it. Why do we continue to protect old wounds?

Sometimes it’s easier to stick with the old/comfortable story because the fear of the unknown seems scarier than the old story. So many issues in the body come from perception and holding on to old emotional patterns, but the good news is that once you have the awareness of what you are holding on to then you have the choice to let it go. This emotional wellbeing, soulful self-love and acceptance, is not about just saying it in our heads, but feeling the love for self and acceptance of self in our bodies and at a cellular level…That’s when we change our vibrations and we start connecting to what and who we truly desire. When people focus on the positive, life becomes better, you glow more and you attract more positive in your life. Even when we go through awful things in life like break-ups, losses, deaths, illnesses and betrayal we can choose how we view the experience. We can choose to be a victim or look at lesson.
Ultimately, finding balance in in our body and life, letting go of the small stuff, prioritizing love, health, laughter and nurturing your body and emotional wellbeing.
The big shift here is once you let go in the physical and create space in the joints, the tissue structures are usually somewhat weak so building graceful strength is key to maintain the new found freedom in the body and being.

4) What is your ideal workout?

A restorative healing session of rolling and rebounding that includes tuning into the physical body to open up and listen to the emotional and spiritual messages. A cleansing movement session that helps shed negative energy, flush the lymphatic system, clear dense blockages and help me breathe deep. I’ve actually created an amazing holistic 10-week course that does just this: called Taller, Slimmer Younger Transformation a digital course that can be done any where on the planet! The course combines the benefits of self-healing with a strengthening and lengthening workout to increase flexibility, boost metabolism reduce stress and calm the nervous system which create a more graceful, fluid, supple, balanced body, open heart and renewed spirit. Sign up for my course here.

5) What are three beauty products or secrets you due to stay as lovely as you are?

• Dry Brushing with sisal natural fiber glove
• Taking the Miracle Mineral Magnesium CALM before bed has definitely helped me get deeper more restorative sleep, which is a great beauty secret!
• Hydration with alkaline water
• Drinking Bru Bone Broth.
• Paleo Bone Broth Collagen Powder.
• Exfoliation with the M-Glow Power Peel.
• Skin Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum.
• …And of course I Adore your Shiva Rose Face Oil, your Pearl Rose Face Cream and the Blue Crystal Eye Cream

6) How can we use the roller to retain youth?

When used regularly and correctly, the roller can be utterly transformative and unbelievably healing. Using the roller regularly removes blockages and congestion, releases stress, flushes toxins from the body, banishes tension and pain, and even improves posture, strengthening your core and intrinsic muscles, reshaping your body’s soft tissues and rejuvenating your pelvic floor. I’ve designed my own signature version called the “Lo Rox Aligned Roller” and it’s designed to elongate and smooth out the fascia, actually rolling away areas of density, improving posture, building balanced strength and youthful, healthy muscle tone.
I’ve spent years analyzing the exercises I learned using expensive Pilates reformers and equipment and finding ways to do these same exercises on the roller. My revolutionary foam-rolling program combines these lengthening and toning Pilates-based exercises with movements that dig into the body’s fascia and wake up the muscle tissue, thus reshaping the actual structure of the body and releasing those toxins that wreak so much havoc. To check out my videos, head over to

7) Do you have a mantra or motto you live by?

Be the change you want to see.

8) What is your ideal day?

Wake up, hydrate, meditate.
Have a coffee, juice and smoothie
Hang with the kiddos
Then roll, rebound, hike
Either write or create
Eat a healthy organic lunch with friends
Take a slow easy walk or a dip in the sea
Do an infrared sauna
Pour a glass of Italian Vino
Cook with my daughters and make a nourishing and lovely meal
Sit by the fire, with a cup of tea and cozy up with my love


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