Flower Essences and Sexuality

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Once I discovered the world of plant allies and their protective Energies, I felt like a veil had been lifted. A connection To the plant kingdom can be a bridge to other realms. Now When I hike on the trails behind my home I feel the vibrations Of the sage, wild arugula, fennel, mariposa lilies and more.


Here is an incredibly insightful piece by Elyssa and Camilla.


Flowers have been symbols of sexuality since ancient times, known to arouse and delight all of the senses. Shakespeare drizzles his plays with hints of flowers and something more, using the flower to stand in for female and even male genitalia. Of course, as the sexual organs of plants, flowers are sexual by nature. Because flowers and sexuality make such good bedfellows, flower essences can be used as a powerful remedy to promote sexual exploration and healing.

What are flower essences? Flower essences are a vibrational medicine (like homeopathy, sound, or crystals) that bring the resonance of healing flowers into the subtle energy system. Transforming our subtle energy field in this way has a direct and immediate impact on our cells, our physical body, and our health. Flower essences are usually created by placing flowers in a crystal bowl of purified water in sunlight to allow the infusion of the flower’s healing energy pattern into the water. The essences are then preserved with brandy or another preservative. They are usually taken using a dropper bottle as a few drops under the tongue, in drinking or bath water, applied directly on the body, or added to a spray and misted around the body (aura).

Flower essences balance on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. The light we take in from flower essences actually feeds and nourishes our nervous system and opens our evolutionary flowering process by harmonizing the relationship between our personality and true spiritual self. This process of harmonizing body and spirit relates deeply to how we feel in relation to our sexuality each day because we bring ourselves to sex. Sex opens up our breath, our emotions, and our bodies. The clearing, balancing nourishment that flower essences provide helps align us with who we truly are. And when we feel connected to this fullness, our sexual energy (which is also our creative energy, which is also our life force energy) has freedom to bloom as well. We feel sexy.

Here are some flower essences you can use to awaken, ignite, heal, and cultivate different aspects of your sexuality. You may choose to take them regularly (3-4 drops 3-4 times a day is a traditional dosage), before a meditation, before a sexual experience with yourself or a partner, or even added to body oil for sensual massage or a sexual experience. It is enriching to take a moment to breathe into the essence after you take it, sitting with its energy, allowing yourself to receive its healing imprint. The essences mentioned have been created, and the flowers photographed, by eminent flower essence alchemist Camilla Blossom Bishop, who has made hundreds of flower essences in the Columbia River Gorge region of Oregon and Hawaii since 2000. Her Book Sacred Spirit of the Gorge gives in depth stories of the essences as well as tools to make and use your own flower essences. Enjoy!


Hibiscus, who likes to be called “Queen Hibiscus,” helps us feel delighted in expressing ourselves through sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. She works with Hawaiian goddess Pele and helps women in particular embody their creative and sexual power. Queen Hibiscus helps us honor, love, and enjoy our bodies and provides a healthy engagement and assertiveness in sexuality.

Hibiscus can be found in many colors: yellow, orange, pink, white, red. Red Hibiscus connects us to passion, fire, strength, the root chakra, and assists in pelvic bowl healing. Orange hibiscus helps us feel vibrantly alive. The color of a warm sunset and the sacral chakra, its essence is juicy, energizing, creative, wild, ecstatic, orgasmic, and free. Yellow hibiscus helps us feel confident and ignites a happy solar fire energy in the solar plexus. Camilla dreamt that there was a yellow hibiscus in her womb, brightening up her second and third chakras. It was a huge yellow hibiscus that felt like it was healing her sexual confidence. We’ve all heard it said: confidence is sexy. Hibiscus teaches that confidence is not about being found sexy by an outside observer. It’s about feeling sexy from within. Sexy for ourselves, sexy because it brings us pleasure and makes us feel good.

Hibiscus essence alchemizing on Lava Rock with coral and Pele in Hawaii, made by Camilla.

Orange Hibiscus energizes the sacral chakra.


Orchids ground us in earthly sensual life and open us up to the joys of being human: touch, intimacy, pleasure, sensuality, and eroticism. An orchid that’s speaking strongly right now, especially in the spring, is Green Bog Orchid. The message of Green Bog Orchid is “I ground into the heart of mother earth” and in fact, Green Bog Orchid grounds our hearts and wombs deeply into the earth. The flower’s womb connection helps us set healthy boundaries, because when we’re connected to the womb we know what is right for us. Elyssa took Green Bog Orchid with a circle of women. As she breathed into her heartspace, she felt her heart open. She had the sensation of breathing into the collective heart, as if the group’s heart had become one heart. And that was the heart of the earth too. Green Bog Orchid connects us to the grounding nourishment of the earth, knowing we are held, waking us up to the delight of the body. It’s also a powerful essence to use for breast massage because of this connection to nourishment. For women in particular, sexual energy can originate in the heart’s center with the breasts, and when heartspace and yoni connect, sexual energy ignites.

Green Bog Orchid offers beautiful grounding into fertile earth (with White Bog Orchid).


Love songs, poetry, and the finest perfumes sing with the magic of the Rose. Roses heal the heart deeply and to the core. The Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, and Goddess energy are all connected to the rose. As an aphrodisiac, Roses love lovers, and they help us to trust in love again. Like Hibiscus, and many other flower groups, Rose comes in many colors. Red Rose is a flower of passionate love, heart-spirit connection, and intimacy. It also helps with transmuting feelings of betrayal by supporting the back of the heart chakra. Past betrayals can make it hard to open, but Red Rose shows us a path for intimacy with a partner. It helps with self-love, self-respect and even healing tendencies of self-betrayal. White Rose represents the yoni in bloom; the beauty and sacredness of the womb, yoni, and motherhood. It connects us to the inner goddess and helps us see the yoni as a goddess. It is also very clearing and cleansing and speaks of purification. The pink Wild Rose is great for feeling playful, fun and flirtatious. When Elyssa takes Wild Rose, it puts her in a flirty zone of “anything can happen” and “life is an adventure!” She loves to take it before walking out the door to add a little oomph to her step. It’s very sweet. It’ll sweeten up your heart.

Bring more sweetheart opening to sexuality with Wild Rose.


As soul medicine for our Spirit, the Lilies are about rebirthing and reclaiming the sacred feminine. The Lily family addresses issues of the feminine and women’s worth: creativity, beauty, spiritual sensitivity, motherhood, receptivity, clearing grief compassion, and boundaries. On the physical level, Lily flower essences can support and balance a woman’s reproductive system by addressing root causes, beliefs, and spiritual inheritance. The orange Tiger Lily is about the wild feminine. Tiger Lily, which works on the second chakra, nurtures communication in sexual relationships, as well as creativity. The white Lilies Trillium, Mt Hood Lily, and Queen Bead Lily help to bridge the perceived divide between spirituality and sexuality. Queen Bead Lily in particular can aid in working through sexual trauma. The high frequency White Lilies help sensitive and gentle people to feel more assertive, to claim personal creative space, and to set clear boundaries.

Taking White Lilies often reveals your emotions to you and allows you to have a strong emotional release, clearing grief. Because they are so emotionally potent, Elyssa jokes that whenever she takes White Lilies she knows she’s going to cry. Elyssa loves to put White Lilies in the bath rather than taking them internally, which feels like a gentler process for her. Bathing with white lily feels deeply feminine, goddessy, silky, luxurious and soothing. Elyssa has noticed that since bathing in white lilies, she sees more spiritual and divine energy moving into her sexual expression. White Lilies spiritualize your sexuality.

Mount Hood Lily asks you to live large.

Queen Bead Lily supports your emotional health.

A message from the flowers of Hawaii

As Camilla and Elyssa wrote about flower essences and sexuality, a message came through from the flowers. The hibiscus told them that claiming our sexuality, power, and pleasure is really about embodiment. Being in the body in the here and now is essential for intimacy, connection, and pleasure. Breathing into and enjoying the present moment allows us to be sexually embodied all the time. Opening to the body in each moment, opening to passion, opening to pleasure, makes life itself ecstatic and so the divisions between your sexual life and the rest of your life melt away. You’re just you.

Explore Hawaiian flower essences, dolphin swimming, sacred elemental and land connection ritual with Camilla in Hawaii! Camilla offers Hawaii Big Island retreats as private retreats for you or your group as well as an annual group retreat.

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,

Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,

Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,

With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:

There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,

Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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  1. Camilla says:

    Message from Hibiscus I wanted to add (Camilla)

    “I am an ancient carrier of the sacred wisdom of Hawaii and the deep honoring of the body, your body.
    We hold the original source of light for women’s bodies (and men’s feminine aspects) to remember who you are from the beginning source before beliefs shifted.
    The original elegance of grounding your yonis was beautiful and pure and easier.
    Birth was more magical and natural.
    Now we can remember our yoni’s soft wisdom and nature, our original happiness with our bodies as women, and reclaim ourselves.”


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