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In my early thirties I began to have all sorts of emotional and physical ailments. Western medicine routes couldn’t find anything in my blood panels, and so out of desperation I began to investigate Chinese and alternative paths. I finally found relief and healing in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet changes and spiritual practices. Now years later in my forties, I feel at my optimal health level. I only wish all the incredible resources that are available now so easily were accessible then! Thank goddess we have Sleeping Monk around to bring us ancient wisdom in modern formulas. Hormones affect so much of our well being and beautifying factors. Everything from hair growth and shine, skin elasticity, weight shifts, aging elements, luminosity of skin, nail growth and more. What a gift that we can now target these areas with herbal supplements.

I personally test all the products I sell on the shop so I can feel confident about posting about them. I instantly loved the name of Sleeping Monk’s latest product Goddess in Bloom, but I had to put it to the test. I have been taking it for over 6 weeks now, and have seen a tremendous difference in my hormonal health and energy. This formula regulates the endocrine and nervous system using herbs like Scutellaria, White Atractylodes, White Peony Root, Cyperus Rhizome, Mulberry Mistletoe and Cuscuta Seed. These are herbs that have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries and can enhance fertility and hormonal function.

For me personally I noticed my cycle became more in rhythm with the moon cycle which is always a good thing. The creator of Sleeping Monk Louis Leonard describes his line of Supertonics as “The best of the best. The adaptogenic qualities of these herbs work differently for each person, as they correct imbalances in the body’s systems according to who’s ingesting them. Beyond that, the tonic aspect of these wonderful herbs, strengthen, nourish and build the type of meaningful health that is truly transformative, when taken consistently over time. Longevity, that’s what matters to us. We want you to enjoy the type of health that supports your living life to the fullest.” He also makes one to target the male system called Enter The Dragon.

We now sell this potent divine blend on the shop. For more herbal remedies, see Tribe & Health | The Local Rose.

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