Paula Mallis ~ Bringing Wisdom to Women

An interview with the spirit behind The Birthing Circle, and author of The New Moon Journal.

September 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

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I first noticed Paula Mallis when she was pregnant with her daughter Madeline around my haunts in Venice, like Moon Juice, Cafe Gratitude, and Rama. The tall, long limbed, graceful woman seemed to have a calm, centered way about her. It wasn’t until a few years later, that I discovered this beauty is also a wise woman bringing awareness and medicine to many in her community as a doula, and circle holder.  We truly bonded when we were both flying high at the three day Summer Solstice event in New Mexico.

We visited Paula at her light filled home in Venice where we discussed her most recent projects, and her monthly women’s circles. She had just come home from a birth the evening before, and I marveled at how she was able to devote herself so generously to her clients, her family, her community and still manage to look so lovely and be so gracious.

One of her circles is The Birth Stories which I recently had the pleasure of speaking at.  She hosts The Birth Stories with Vanessa Halby and Kate Danson every month, both on the westside and east side of LA. They started this circle for mothers, doulas and expecting women to have a safe space to share their stories and receive sisterly guidance.

Paula also holds a New Moon Gathering every month. These gatherings are an opportunity to have women align themselves with new beginnings. This is a time to set intentions and manifest goal for the highest good. In ancient times women would gather in alignment with the moon phases. These circles of women gathering would offer rituals and ceremonies to nurture, inspire, reflect and heal while acknowledging the wisdom of the feminine. Paula is awakening her community with these circles by offering discussions, yoga exercises, book suggestions and even products to help expectant mamas. I so wish I had access to these products, circle groups  and to Paula herself when I had my daughters years ago.

I am most excited by the New Moon Journal that she is publishing this month. The art work is so ethereal, so elevating; and to be able to have a book already created for monthly journaling is genius! Read below for the inspiring interview with Paula ~

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1) What makes your heart sing? My Daughter Madeleine, my husband and being a witness to a mamma giving birth and a baby being born earth side.

2) What inspired you to begin The Birth Stories what path led you here? What inspired the birth of The Birth Stories was connecting with two other Doulas who are as passionate about women and birth. We wanted to create a non-judgmental, sacred space for women to share their stories and to be acknowledged for this profound transformational time in their lives, regardless of the “outcome” of her birthing experience. Through my own journey with my daughter Madeleine, I surrounded myself with three other beautiful pregnant women. We supported each other through our pregnancies and our estimated due dates were days apart from each other. After we all gave birth, we gathered at my home and shared our birth stories. What I experienced when sharing my story with these women was the power and healing in storytelling, not only as the teller but as the listener. It was an opportunity to be witnessed and to honor the shift and transformation that the birth of Madeleine had gifted to me.

3) Have you seen a shift occurring with women wanting to go the natural route for births? I am seeing a shift in women wanting an unmedicated birth but what I am experiencing even more is women wanting a conscious experience and in search of a more authentic connection to themselves through their pregnancy and birth experience. It inspires me that women are being called to be supported in this way.

4) What are three essentials you recommend for an expectant mama as a doula? 1) Moon Juice- I love the deep chocolate. I add a banana and blue adaptogen protein to make a smoothie to maintain energy levels especially during labor. Fennel Frond and Herb juice is amazing for enhancing milk supply for breastfeeding. 2) Meditation- Finding a dedicated quiet time each day to connect with your babe. Practicing meditation during your pregnancy can prepare you for your birthing experience. Meditation is a tool to support you in coming back to the present moment when the challenges of birth arise. 3) Community- Connecting to a supportive, loving community of people that can hold sacred space for your journey as a pregnant mamma.

5) Do you have a beauty ritual or secret? Every morning before applying a moisturizer I use a Rose Spray first and then apply moisturizer that gives the skin a dewey natural look.

6) Tell us about the New Moon Circle Journal and your products? I began co-facilitating a New Moon Women’s Circle in 2014. Aligning with the New Moon each month and gathering in circle with these profound women, inspired the birth of the New Moon Circle Journal. My products were inspired by the births I have attended. I love essential oils and I use them with my clients. I began to blend these oils together to create an offering for my clients that expanded into an offering for all pregnant mammas.

7) Are you a mermaid or forest fairy? Forest Fairy

8) Do you have a motto or philosophy you live by? “Birth is an opportunity for spiritual growth and healing.”

9) What is your spiritual practice? Kundalini Yoga keeps me centered, grounded and inspired.

10) How do you define womanhood? Intuitive, wise, centered, grounded. I am inspired by women who are willing to take an honest and rigorous look at what triggers or upsets are coming forward as an opportunity for healing. Acknowledging and witnessing the Divine Feminine in other women allows me to know it within myself.

11) Where do see yourself in a decade? More expansion of what I am already experiencing with my family, work and community. More babies of my own!!! Traveling to places unseen that inspire me and feed my soul.