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Natural and Mystical Scent

April 10, 2016 | 11 Comments


Wearing scents is a bit like falling in love. It is good to be very particular and selective, but when you find a scent that speaks to you in a deep, soulful way it’s good to fall for it all the way! I have been wearing the same two scents for years one an essential blend, the other perfumes made from the natural world (Faith oil, and Perfumes by Illuminated) and now I am thrilled to add a third to my repertoire.

11:11 is so incredibly sensual and soft. It is a combination of musk, amber and something else I can’t quite figure out. Courtney Somer the mastermind behind this Kundalini inspired line beautifully called Lake & Skye, uses 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in her equally gorgeous floral waters. Courtney is a Kundalini and pre-natal teacher who lives in upstate New York with her family. Her experience with the mystical wisdom of Kundalini, and as an aromatherapist led her to create this lovely line. I also am so enamored with the packaging. It is so clean and chic with it’s subtlety and whimsical design!

As she states in the description 11:11 is: “The scent captures the feel of skin kissed with sea after emerging from the ocean mixed with a crisp texture and transparency.” What could be more alluring than that . . .



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  1. Hannah says:

    This sounds like such a beautiful scent and I love the simple packaging. I really want to find an all natural scent that I love so I may look into this brand more. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Guse says:

    I only use essential oils in my daily life, and although I am currently using another makers oil, I am definately going to order this soon.

  3. alecia Jones says:

    Where can I order 11:11. It smells so good.

  4. mel says:

    this is the best scent ever ever ever! i can’t even describe it, it just makes the world smell amazing! xoxo

  5. Jennifer says:

    It is sold out, when do you expect it back in? Or where else may we order it? Thank you so much! I adore your blog and site so much! Thank you Shiva Rose for such a beautiful site and for sharing all of your valuable wisdom…

    Much love,

    Jennifer Ruffalo

    • Shiva Rose says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer~ Should be available I will check now please try tonight ! Blessings !

  6. Vesna says:

    Hi Shiva, is shipping of this item available to Canada? I’m able to select my country in the shipping address section & proceed, until I get to the payment part; it says shipping to here is not available 🙁

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