Glowing Rose Facial Steam

An At Home Treatment to Soothe Skin

June 23, 2015 | 1 Comment

Lately to get the ultimate facial cleanse, I have been steaming my face with the high vibrational healing qualities of dried flowers like roses (of course), calendula, lavender, raspberry leaf, chamomile, mint, marshmallow, yarrow and comfrey. This steaming ritual deep cleans pores and freshens the complexion. This combination restores healthy PH, heals and soothes the skin. I have been making my own blend with some dried flowers from my garden. I now am selling a few of these blends on the shop.

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Summer time is a good time to treat yourself to a home steam. Between the heat, city pollution and sun block products, our pores can get very congested. Taking a moment in your self care ritual to treat your face to this is such a benefit. After steaming with therapeutic herbs, your face products will have an easier time soaking in and becoming more active. This also can give you a dewy, youthful glow. I like to create a ritual around face steaming. It can be a meditative time before a bath where you can visualize all the incredible properties of the plants being absorbed into the skin and soul.

Calendula ~ is great for dry skin and wonderful in its anti aging qualities ~
Rose petals ~ are anti-inflammatory and help the skin with sun damage ~
Yarrow ~ is a powerful wound healer and helps with circulation ~
Chamomile ~ is a powerful anti-inflammatory and wrinkle preventative ~
Raspberry Leaf ~ this is a powerful woman’s plant that has soothing qualities for the skin ~


Directions for Glow Facial Steam
Throughly cleanse the face. Boil three cups of water in a pot. Remove from heat pour into a bowl then add a few tablespoons of the herbs. A little goes a long way since these are so active. Cover and steep the bowl for 5 minutes. Place a towel or cloth creating a tent around your head and close your eyes. Sit relax and visualize a beautiful image for 10 minutes under the cloth. Rinse your face after with cool water and then apply an oil or moisturizer


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