April 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Like many Angelenos I am so thrilled that Heath Ceramics has opened a store here. Originally from Sausalito, Heath has been making hand made dishware since the 1940’s. The biggest dilemma when going to the store is what color scheme to go with. It’s a toss up between the subtle sage greens and soothing oatmeal. I actually take a peak at the less than perfect bin where you can find excellent pieces for a discounted price. Sometime the imperfections are so minor that it’s worth the hunt. They also make beautiful tiles and have a great selection of linens.

This is the perfect store to pick out a gift since they have something in all price ranges.
Shiva Rose



  1. Ursula brooks says:

    Love these bowls and plates. So stunning.
    Much better to have a few good pieces than a stack of old, chipped

  2. Alesa J.Fazio says:

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    I like how all overt the place yet all together-
    just enough info,keep up the good work!
    Bestof Luck in the New Year.

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