My little one Lola has been making offerings since she was a wee one. I think she is most connected to the natural world out of everyone in our household. She is happiest playing outside picking up flowers, twigs, rocks, sea shells at the beach, feathers on hikes. Island Mermaid Daughter of the Sun posted some amazing earth offerings she has made from Kauai to Peru on her site . She does one every month to honor her life and various milestones. This seems like a perfect activity to do with the littles. Instead of building legos made of plastic why not create an offering for our Great Mother. They are temporary and transient a good representation of our lives and how to enjoy each moment.  They can be made with whatever is flowing in abundance around you. In our case right now it would be Camellias and lemons. Here are the ephemeral works of art by Daughter of The Sun: