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Sometimes books can become our beacons through life. To read is such a gift. This young adult book, written over 4 decades ago captures a time when some people worked with the land to create harmony and medicine. They were called witches, but maybe living within the rhythms of nature, was the true key to contentment. ✨🌿🌱🌛 #wisechildbook #thelocalrose #wildcrafting
This jeweled vegan dish is perfect for Thanksgiving. With quinoa pomegranate, pistachios, fresh herbs the rainbow jewel colors enhance any table setting! #nongmo #thelocalrose 🍁#youarewhatyoueat #vegan #thanksgivingsides
Thank you beautiful artisan @ryan_roche_ny for the shout out. Making some more rose infused magic in my laboratory on this new moon 🌙 #alchemist #rose #roseserum #thelocalrose ✨🌹✨
Please citizens of our planet start protesting, writing, tweeting against #keystonepipeline. The plan is to build a pipeline from canada through the most beautiful wild places in America, so the Koch brothers can make more money, and so china can get more oil. The US would get only more pollution and devastation. #greed #oneplanet #timetogetarrestedagain @dhlovelife 🌲🌍🌲🌍
Woodland creatures at the woodland fair father winter and little char . . . #waldorf #magical #dreamingofwinter #thelocalrose
Thank you so much my loyal generous friend @kellyatterton for mentioning the rose face serum. In great company with @kyprisbeauty @odacite @tataharper 🙏💗💚🙏#greenbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #thelocalrose #rose #roseserum
Regram @esteestanley with my dream man ken cook from @environmentalworkinggroup who is the one fighting for us to have clean water, fresh air, and nontoxic food in Washington. My favorite quote is "sentiment without action is the death of the soul" in this case ken has tons of soul! 🙏💙💛🙏let's keep waging our battles. I heard that Monsanto is trying to make it illegal for us to save seeds. #fuckmonsanto #antigmo #thelocalrose

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