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"I've been so absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do" - Georgia O' keefe πŸ™βœ¨ This is one of my favorite quotes which I keep by my bedside to read every morning ✨ this week I leave for Kenya and although I'm excited for the journey, I also have some trepidation brewing. A lot probably stems from my childhood traumas of escaping Iran at a young age. Home is my safe place, security blanket however, I yearn to spread my wings and see faraway places on this magical planet. When I think about all the incredible things I've done in my life, I realize fear has been a small shadow in the periphery. This work we do here should be about conquering that shadow or at least accepting it and saying I see you but you won't stop me πŸ™Œ #peterbeard #georgiaokeefe #kenya #cheetahs #janicedickinson #courage #growth #thelocalrose #travel #africa
Last night's full moon in Aquarius felt like a gentle wave, releasing the unwanted and bringing in the sacred and cherished ✨ I went to a ceremonial puja and then to see some sweet sisters in the mountains of topanga ✨ gratitude today for community, gratitude for seeing the veil lift and embracing the wonder that is this life ✨ #fullmoon #community #puja #sisters #thelocalrose #bluemoon #meditation #vedicmeditation
Ahhh days of summer . . . 🌞❀️Dreams of French villages and Tuscan evenings where we visit friends and bring country side goods like berries, fresh made tarts and salads in these chic and green bento bags. Warm winds blowing in from Africa and the scent of lavender in the air . . . A girl can dream ✨ now available on the site in Nordic blue and country red #thelocalrose #banplastic #frenchcountry #stripes #berries #organic #nongmo #green #country @ambatalia
I'm a bit late on this post but last week I did a summer solstice pick for one of my favorite sites @freeandnative ✨ type in the search and it will appear ✨ I go through what helped me through the hot, intense, enlightening days meditating on the top of a New Mexico mountain for white tantric ✨ so wonderful to have a community around us that make things we actually use. Such a comforting sense to feel and know the quality of energy that goes into items we carry on us. The local rose is all about celebrating artisans who want to create a better world through their crafts #thelocalrose #whitetantric #artisans #survival #gratitide
I became a mama at a relatively young age at least by LA standards. My girls have given my wandering spirit a sense of stability and structure. They are the sun and moon throughout my days πŸŒ™πŸŒžOn this blue full moon I yearn for a better world for them, I yearn for pure spring water for them, thriving vibrant food, sweet clean air, a planet where we can honor our great mama earth and walk in beauty #thelocalrose #kauai #daughters #nongmo #waterfalls #greatmother #walkinbeauty #bluemoon #moonrituals #aquariusmoon
Today on national lipstick day πŸ’„I want to celebrate a beautiful company @axiology_beauty πŸ’—ericka the founder's dedication to protecting our planet and us has led her to create a lovely line of lipsticks ❀️ she refuses to use palm oil due to its horrific consequences. The quest for Palm oil has led to deforestation, the cruel death of orangutans, the instinction of tigers and rhinos. Her lipsticks are made with oils like avocado, castor and more! The packaging chic and with recycled materials more on the site today #thelocalrose #nontoxic #organic #lipstick #deforestation #greatmother #naturalbeauty #banpalmoil #vegan #crueltyfree #savetigers
Always love the images on @mysticmamma site βœ¨πŸŒ™ full moon (blue moon) in Aquarius as of the 31st πŸŒ‘This reading seems poignant maybe cause my sun sign is also Aquarius but it applies to all of us "your enthusiasm, idealism and creativity could be strong. You may bursting with new ideas and sudden insights. You can move from breakdown to are experiencing an expansion in consciousness" πŸ™Œ "you are giving birth to a new you. Giving birth is painful. This is real work. This is real growth" πŸ™ "this full moon can bring great illumination around our emotions, our need for space and freedom. Taking time to drop into what is trying to be illuminated for you within and without is recommended" - πŸŒ‘I am truly trying to navigate my life right now. Being pulled in so many directions some paths of beauty others the mundane. so soothing to read these words and tune into full moon work #thelocalrose #mystimama #Aquarius #aquariusmoon #moonrituals #ceres #greatmother

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