ROSEGRAM @localrose

Now a plastic free way to wrap leftovers, pieces of cut fruit, avocados and more 💛 love this bees wrap made of wax, tree resin and jojoba 🐝 smells so good and reusable ✨no worrying that toxic Pthalates are creeping into your food 🙏 @beeswrap 🙏 more on the site today 🌹 #thelocalrose #plasticfree #toxicfree #bees #wax #aquarianage #banplastic #saveplanet
Instagram familia ✨Please follow @shivarosebeauty for a more specific scope on beauty creations 💎 I spent so so many years studying the craft of acting, hours in the theater sometimes pulling all nighters to insure the grace of authenticity. In the last seven years that energy has been channeled into this endeavor, carving out a deeper path. One that I hope is honoring our planet and bringing beauty to us without toxic chemicals #naturalbeauty #nontoxic #nongmo #shivarose #roses #crystals #kundalini
My favorite wellness pics today on @thechalkboardmag ✨ all my favs for healing and glowing beauty ✨such as eating ghee everyday can help create moisture in hair and skin and ashitaba known in japan as "tomorrow's leaf" because it replenishes itself as well as our bodies ✨lots of the pics are tagged and can also be found on my shop✨#thelocalrose #naturalbeauty #glowing #shivarose
After spending days on a mountain in New Mexico I am trying to weave the love I felt in my daily life here ✨ not always easy but the intention can create the reality 💛 this love will carry me through chores, making beauty products, cooking meals, tuning in to all around me ✨ Sat Nam #thelocalrose #shivarosebeauty #naturalbeauty #kundalini #love
Another revolution around the sun for this Daughter of the Sun 🌞 happy birthday sister Mea ✨ you have brought so much beauty and wisdom to my life ✨ never forget when I first met you on Kauai when you broke open a coconut with a machete so gracefully, I was captivated by your gentleness and strength and still continue to be 💛🌈 @daughterofthesun_ #daughterofthesun #kauai #spiritweavers #rainbow
So thrilled to be on @intothegloss it's a dream come true on this day when all love 💗 has become legalized in our beautiful country 🌈 #intothegloss #shivarose #naturalbeauty #gayrights #rainbow #aquarinage #history
"Your life is based on the capacity of the energy in you, not outside of you. Therefore meditation is essential to keep your mind clear so that your spirit can come through" - yogi Bhajan ✨today white tantric summer solstice culminated in a walk in the wilderness of New Mexico with our eyes shut chanting ✨the 10 hour days of mediating were challenging, blissful, enlightening and more than words could ever express . . . #meditation #summersolstice #whitetantric #3ho #kundalini #waheguru

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