Fly Away Home

Dancer and Choreographer Sarah Elgart is having free performances at The Flyaway Station in Van Nuys this weekend to support…

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Rosegram: @localrose
Today on the blog how we can make transitions easier through flower remedies. 🌸The beautiful @naturallyjoanne discusses which are the Essences we should always have nearby. She has three spots left in her flower essence certification program coming up soon. 🌸 #plantmedicine #thelocalrose #flowers #wisdom #guidance
🌹Last week at the gurus birthday grateful for a practice that helps me connect to the higher powers. #roses #harijiwan #ramainstitute #thelocalrose @gianprem @gurujagat
The beautiful goddess of green things @ediblegardensla contemplating what to plant. 💚To help our mama earth 🌎and alleviate this horrendous drought I will be removing my lawns snd planting edibles and native flowers #growyourownfood #removelawns #organic #thelocalrose #savewater#nongmo
Love shooting for #thelocalrose wearing all my favorite ladies threads @jennikayne striped top with @jessekamm sailor pants at the wonderful local mill @gristandtoll where they mill flour the old fashioned way with care and love ❤️#lawomen #organic #nongmo
I asked Lela what are the benefits of eating raw butter. "Grass fed butter in particular contains the X factor, a fat soluble vitamin K2, which promote brain and cardiovascular conjugated linoleic acid, which erodes plaque" basically we can kill the plaque in our bodies by using grass fed products. Which is why I believe in Graeme sait's work. #grassfedbutter #graemesait #changeoursoil #thelocalrose
Good morning! Have you had your cup of buttery brew or bulletproof coffee? Today on the local rose we discuss the merits of butter in your coffee with Lela buttery who makes this super hero elixir at @anotherkindofsunrise 🌞#lairdhamilton himself drinks this superpower drink! #thelocalrose #lelabuttery #goodfats #bulletproofcoffee #butterybrew #butter #grassfedbutter
Nine years traveling around the sun with this magical sprite. Thank you Charlotte Lola for teaching me how to be In the moment, how to love all the creatures of the earth even crawly thjngs, to always be curious and open hearted . . . ❤️💕💗💕❤️

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