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Ever since I was a wee child I would feel sad for all the Christmas tree carcasses laid in the gutters after Xmas. Now there are wonderful companies like that make it possible for us to rent live trees. They even deliver and come back to pick up the tree. You can also adopt the same tree year after year. 🙏🌲✨🌲🙏 #livingchristmastree #greenchristmas #thelocalrose #treehugger
Great stocking stuffers medicinal tonics and teas by @animamundiherbals which means "soul of the universe". Bringing European alchemy together with Amazonian healing herbs. ✨🌿 learn how to win this and @valiaskincare on the blog today for a beautiful new moon and solstice celebration 🌙
Grateful to be seen by the like minded community I so admire. Thank you @organicbeautytalk and @thoughtfullymagazine for the cover of this inspiring magazine. Photos by my talented friend and journalist @ulricawihlborg 💚🙏 It's been a sad couple of days with the #peshwarattack but we must combat evil by continuing to grasp light ✨ and the beauty of the small thjngs around us💞
What fears are you conquering before this year ends? In order to feel joy as a child does, we need to face our deepest, darkest, shadow self and say to it "come in sit down, have a cup of tea. I acknowledge you but won't allow you to take me down." - #thelocalrose #fearlessmonday #GOT 🎇🎆🎇🎆
Today is the first day of @theechoparkcraftfair where you can buy beautiful gifts for Xmas 🌲from @beatricevalenzuela @heatherbethtay @rachelgwathmey and of course @tavinboutique who quenches my vintage fix every time. #artisans #madeintheusa #thelocalrose #echopark 🌹✨🌹
Today on #thelocalrose making bountiful wreaths with @yasminemei to bring in Yuletide blessings. The boughs are decorated with natures jewels pomegranates and persimmons representing fortune and abundance. 🌲🍅🍎🌲#wreaths #DIYwreaths #DIYdecor
Beautiful photos on @thestoneset on special pieces of jewelry. I mostly like to represent my talented jeweler artisan friends like @roseark @jacquiemaniaiche @lenawald @jessicaranek @danielavillegasjewelry my most favorite pieces these days a rattler snake tooth for snake medicine and moonstone rings to bring in the mystical 🌙✨💛

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