Fab 5 Flu Buster

January 15, 2013 | 3 Comments

I am not a doctor by any means but I do have an arsenal supplements that defend my family and I through the  flu season every year. This year is supposedly is one of the worst years on record for the flu virus and since I am very wary of the flu vaccine I try instead to get our immune systems strong. My older daughter Coco succumbed to the flu and so I began the fab 5 regime. My younger one Charlotte and I have been in the clear so far (knock on wood) even after laying in the same bed as sick Coco.  I really think taking the fab 5 flu busters has kept us healthy. The trick is to take all of this before you get sick.

1)Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C This may seem nasty to get down (looks like yellow phlegm) but truly the most powerful vitamin C. The nano sphere technology gets it to your system right away.

2)Oscillococcinum This homeopathic remedy truly works if taken before the onset of symptoms. I have even had it work when being on the verge of catching a bug.

3) Wellness Formula this blend of herbs and vitamins is a true immune booster.

4) Colostrum Chewables Orange Cream  this is perfect for children and helps the GI tract stay healthy.

5)Vitamin D Supreme  Vitamin D can help our bodies fight off viruses. 





  1. Lisa says:

    You are so right about the Oscillo product! Boiron also makes one called ColdCalm that works amazingly well. My daughter and i have used both as needed for years, at the first sign of cold or ‘flu, and they are like magic. We have never gotten, or felt the need to get, ‘flu shots.

  2. Shiva, I’m so enchanTED with your blog! I’ve been following for a few months now and I just love it. Thank you so much for all your tips and advice re living a natural and healthy life.

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