Red Clover Tea

June 5, 2011 | 0 Comments
All right this is a disclaimer for the men reading this site (i’m thrilled
to say we have a few) but you may want to skip this section this week.
Although having said that  this tea is also beneficial for male fertility.

I have has some serious hormonal issues probably stemming from
several stressful years. I found Chinese medicine to work for a while,
but since i do everything to extremes, I think i became a little toxic from
the herbs. (It is very crucial to make sure whoever you go to for 
chinese herbs gets the purest forms without fillers or toxic fertilizers.)
After stopping chinese herbs, I went to my old trusty Susan Weed
book (featured on spirit this week) which I keep by my bed side, to see
what the wise woman recommends. I wanted to get my cycles back to
a consistent, healthy, rhythm and feel balanced and strong from the inside.
Well, good ole’ Susan always recommends nettles and dandelions for
everything from fertility to balancing and detoxifying. She also discusses
Red Clover. I had never tried this one tea but I was intrigued. I went to the 
Santa Monica Coop health store and bought the loose dry blossoms. I made
a tea in a glass jar about 4 cups and drank it every day. A glass four times a 
day. After two months of staying consistent on the tea, I can honestly say 
that I feel better and have had great success. (I’m not a doctor so you may 
want to discuss taking any of these herbs with your practitioner). There is 
something sort of magical about seeing the dry clover flowers literally 
bloom in the hot water. This metaphor has not gone unnoticed.
This is a great tonic for woman in all phases even while pregnant.

This is great web site that recommends natural fertility