The World of Chay

Vintage Designs, Artisan Crafts and Restorative Teas

April 19, 2015 | Comments Off on The World of Chay

IMGP0433 copy Chay Wike is one of those rare expansive renaissance women who is in a constant state of creation. I feel like our fair city of angels is wonderful place for entrepreneurs, and Chay is an example of that ever expanding energy. ¬†As if her beautifully curated boutique in mid-town Los Angeles wasn’t enough, she now has embarked on a blog called Butter, a lovely tea line, and has opened a studio space downtown. I have always been a fan of her simple silk chemises that evoke a French lady in ballet slippers and chignon, and now her tea line is completing this vision. Her boutique on Third street in LA, is all about a few beautiful items that are made by artisans. Basket bags, linens with special details, hand crafted knives, hand made weaved tapestries, natural beauty products, and her line of simply perfected pieces fill up her store front.

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Her new downtown loft studio that we visited is instead a place of inspiration. She has racks of her beautiful designs mixed in with some divine vintage pieces. She has an array of lovely unique tea china to better serve her hand crafted teas. We tried the Restorative blend which is made with rose (of course), elder berries, lemon peel and more. Chay has five varieties of teas and they range from black tea blends to Rooibos another favorite of mine! On our visit we discussed the beauty of living in the City of Angels, organic produce, raising daughters, the additions to her line and more. Read below for an interview with the industrious and lovely Chay ~
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1) What inspired you to start your tea line?
I LOVE drinking tea. It’s civilized, relaxing, ritualistic, communal, solitary, comforting, and demands that we take a break and enjoy the moment. I was inspiried by the idea of a core collection that could support your needs throughout the day- from dusk til dawn.

2) You are such a multi tasking creative force between your beautiful line of clothes, shop, product line and now teas. What ignites you and gets you to manifest your dreams?
I am very inspired by my personal lifestyle and the things that I use often, or have had for ages. My work is a truthful extension of my life. I recreate or design my favorite things and try to make them better somehow. I love how the small details make a huge difference. Collaborating is key! Couldn’t do any of this without my team. I’ve had a lot of love and support along the way.

3) What is your favorite LA day?
Waking up on a saturday morning with our daughter’s, spending the whole day lounging around the house, the porch, or the lawn, sunbathing, napping, cooking, grazing on food, music playing, all the doors and windows open, sun pouring in….and later on, date night with my husband which is dinner at the Hungry Cat and a concert at the hollywood bowl.

4) What is your go to beauty product?

5) Your favorite go to recipe after a long day at work?
Juicy, crispy roasted chicken and salad. I think I always want to eat that….rotisserie chicken to be precise.

6) What super power do you covet?
The force

7) Are you a mermaid or forest fairy?
City kid who enjoys the ocean and the woods

8) Your motto or creed to live by?
Trust your intuition