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April 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

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Oh the magic world  of crystals! How incredible that these energetic gems come from the earth so perfectly formed, beautiful, mystical and full of wonder. I have always been drawn to these natural treasures even as a young child, and lately in my adult life I have been seeking them for their healing properties. A few months ago a friend and I traveled to Mount Shasta a mecca for crystals, and got an amazing education at a world renowned crystal store with singing crystal bowls. The few crystals I have with me at all times are amethyst for protection, morganite for the heart chakras, and aquamarine for luck. I wanted to bring crystal healing and education to all you roses and the perfect person for this is crystal fairy HariShabd Khalsa. I first met her at Summer Solstice in New Mexico where she drove her precious cargo from LA to the mountain. She only acquires crystals that come from an elevated conscious source. She explained to me how crystals surface to the top of the earth after thousands or even billions of years under the earth. She calls them ancient teachers that are alive, and now people are seeking crystal healing because the timing is right to be connected to the Mineral Kingdom. HariShabd feels that the spirit is lifted when around beauty and that crystals seek a place where they can be lifted to a higher vibration. When I was at her crystal sanctuary, I was drawn to one in particular. When HariShabd told me it was from India the Mountain of Shiva I knew that the crystal had called me to choose it. Crystal energy can diminish tumors, dilute electro magnetic energy in homes, protect ones aura, and bring in abundance. The crystals below all come from the earth exactly as they are seen now even the fairy cross ones with the natural made cross. Interview with HariShabd below.

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HSK Crystal Amythest

1.) Can you offer a broad perspective of understanding about crystals and their mineral kingdom.?

A Crystalline Transmission is open and activated at perceptible levels on earth. Tuning into an exchange of energy between crystals and oneself is changing from subtle communication to a direct if not arresting experience of an individuals sensory system. Crystals offer beauty, healing properties and energetic enlightenment to all of us. Crystals will deeply amplify an individuals energy field and assist in expanding intuitive awareness of one’s own relationship to infinity. Consider that crystals offer a physical form and representation of spiritual light guiding our own evolution as ever radiant souls.

2.) What are your three favorite crystals and why?

My favorites change all the time even rearranging them from time to time can create a new experience of a crystal’s energy and beauty. I like to be surprised all the time from what they want to share and contribute within our exchange. I believe there are some good specimen types to start with in a collection. Amythest, Selenite, and Apophylite are all very good cornerstones to a personal collection. Also consider that crystals although may seem fixed and permanent hold a very organic fluidity of energy and light. They continue to evolve as you do and continue to seek opportunities for both subconscious and conscious exchange.

3.) What was the exact moment that got you connected to the mineral world?

We are all connected to the mineral kingdom whether we are aware or not of this connection. 2012 –2013 marked an elevated state of my awareness and desire to move towards them in a more conscious manner. My relationship and understanding of our energetic exchange continues to root itself more deeply as we grow in partnership. I believe that crystals seek to be held in very high vibrational energy fields and more and more are seeking environments where they can share their gifts.

4.) What are some health benefits

Crystals elevate. Each crystal has an orientation to a chakra and to every aspect of the human body, physical structure, organs, bloodstream, circulatory system, glandular system, pituatary, etc. Once you are intuitively drawn to a crystal you can begin to look deeper into its affect on the physical system as well as other types of contributions it can offer. Some crystals are used for tumors, other for mental disturbances, others for radiation, etc. However if you know nothing about this and find yourself attracted and connecting to the beauty of a crystal that alone contributes to healing and well being.

5.) How does one choose a crystal or does it choose us.

There are many ways to select a crystal and there are never any wrong choices. Intuition typically will lead someone to become connected to a crystal and this is the most immediate starting point. A crystal will begin working and communicating subconsciously with its collector or guardian immediately. As the individuals’ awareness increases more conscious attunement and understanding of the relationship that one has with the collection can reveal itself. Layers of energy and wisdoms exist and it is a matter of respect and reverance and appreciation for the crystal that allow more to be exchanged in subtle and sometimes insistent ways. My clients have me curate collections for them as well so how a crystal reaches you is less important that noticing that something of very high vibration has sought to connect with you.

Or does it choose us?

Its a beautiful idea to consider that this crystal has grown for millions in some cases billions of years both on planet and in some cases off planet in the cosmos and has been on a destined trajectory to travel through time to find itself in your care. A caretaker and heart partner for a small piece of the mineral kingdom.

5.) Where is your dream trip that is connected to crystals.

I am not certain what this question means. Let me just say that my involvement with crystals is about service. First I seek the crystals not only for their beauty but my attention is towards those with very deeply healing and energy imbued forms. Although many crystals are beautiful and beneficial I specifically am looking for those specimens that can open spaces within our spirits and accelerate our wisdom, intuitive power and evolution.

6.) Are you a mermaid or a forest fairy.

I am a teacher of kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and a curator for the crystal kingdom

7.) What is your favorite go to book for crystals.

There are many good books. Two very well done sources are : The book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Love is in the Earth books are great but always keep your intuition in front of seeking information, crystals are a very intuitive medium.

8.) Have people through out history used the power of crystals to change their lives?

Yes crystals are timeless and have always been regarded for their infinite sources of energies. The leaders of worlds always commanded with a variety of crystals held in their breast plates of their armor. High alters in churches utilize the projective powers of crystals. Spiritual masters held many varieties of crystals. (you can go see a wonderful personal collection of crystals from Yogananda at his Palisades sanctuary) They have been serving humankind infinitely.

9.) How can people find you?
The best way to reach me is through my website Book private appointments and can do group trunkshows. I travel to teach yoga and make the crystals available to students and yogis after classes. This is a very intimate and sweet experience to connect with a personal crystals for yourself or find gifts for those you love.

10.) What services do you provide for people who have an interest in crystals?
Well, I am happy to help people select a crystal that is right for them. I have clients who actively work with me to help them curate a private collection. I work with designers who seek to active both private and corp environments with crystals. Individuals sometimes want to simply do a crystal layout with my collection and receive the blessings or darshan of the crystals. Ofcourse I am happy to do personal consultations and even private yoga classes with the crystals.

11.) Anything else you would like to share.

Just a quote from Yogi Bhajan: “ You need to be you and you need to see your own crystal radiance in you, life around you and life for you.” Thank you for your interest in crystals, bless you, Sat Nam



  1. You seem so calm and at peace Shiva. Almost as if you just got HOME from say a long journey.:) radiant!!!
    I just wanted to say how amazing it is that you have the ability to connect with such incredible people such as yourself!:) I guess we do attract people that are on the same energy frequency and we are also creators of our own reality. Anywho! Love this specific interview on crystals and I would like to add I have the same ones you do! Except I have a lot of rose quartz. Like ALOT! Lol opens that heart chakra nice and big!

  2. … Put them in a tree of life grid and see what happens!

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