Creating Radiance with HarmanJot Kaur ~ Part 1

Increasing Your Radiant Attraction Powers

October 22, 2016 | 5 Comments

I first met the willowy beautiful Harmanjot Kaur about 4 years ago through my Kundalini Teacher Guru Jagat. Harmanjot always seems like an otherworldly swan to me, navigating life with grace, strength and gentleness. Last summer she held a children’s summer camp at The Rama Institute that was like an Aquarian Age dream school. The camp was filled with learning about crystals, planting seedlings, meditations, and learning about astrology. I only wish this was an all year round school for the little sprites!

Harmanjot has been teaching classes at Rama for some time, and now is combining her knowledge with raw foods and Kundalini for various offerings. The afternoon she came over to my house, she made an incredibly liberating heart opening rose perfume (coming soon), and then did a meditation to activate our powers of attraction.

Kundalini Yoga has been a major force in my life and I credit it for helping me overcome moments of depression and anxiety. These meditations are profound in that they are a type of technology that helps our mind, body and spirit communicate. These kriyas or meditations are ways to clear the subconscious. Just like we cleanse our bodies with bathing, we sometimes need to cleanse our auras or consciousness. The act of saying a mantra and doing a kriya are enough to keep even the most active monkey mind in peace. The kriya below is for attracting abundance and prosperity. The arm movements stimulate the radiance of our halo, expand the aura, and strengthen the nervous system.


To Increase your Radiant Attraction Powers

This meditation brightens up your magnetism and allows you to call the highest things into your life in the areas of Love, Creative Opportunity, Wealth and More.

• Sit in a cross-legged position.
• Bring the hands into Gyan mudra – index finger and thumb tip touching, with the rest of the fingers straight and together.
• Begin alternately bringing your arms up and over your head in a gentle arc, keeping the hands in the mudra and the arms slightly bent the whole time. Try not to let the arms fall below the level of the heart when they come down.
• Chant, in melody, the mantra Sat nam Sat nam, Wahe Guru Wahe Guru. (musical example attached).
• Move your arms and chant for 11 minutes, moving more quickly in the last 15 seconds.

• Inhale, raise the arms up with the hands in the same position and stretch. Hold for 10 seconds, exhale and repeat once more.
• Then inhale, stretch and hold the breath while twisting left and right seven times. Exhale. Relax your hands and arms and enjoy your radiance.

Photos by: Mel Blanchard

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  1. Lauren Cover says:

    This is my favorite kriya! I’m on day 8 of 40 (or more). The 11 minutes fly by and it feels so good to move my arms that way. Beautiful pictures too.

  2. Rose Tolentino says:

    I wish to connect with you personally. I love your work. It is beautiful.

  3. Gina says:

    Shiva Rose; Thank you for sharing such a beautiful practice. When I tried, I could not complete the 11 minutes. What I wonder is, the significance of 11 minutes, and if I can’t finish it, will I still see the benefit. I also wonder if there was only one item you could place in your home that has spiritual meaning to you, what would that be. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Blessings to you, Gina T

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