Discovering the Benefits of Jade Eggs

August 4, 2016 | 10 Comments

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I’ve been using the jade or yoni eggs for a few years and finally feel like I can post a little bit about this ancient practice. I was at first intrigued by the history and spiritual aspects of the yoni eggs. First of all, the word ‘yoni’ means sacred space and is the symbol of the Goddess or shakti in Hinduism. The practices of strengthening the pelvic floor with jade eggs was started by the queens and concubines of Ancient China. These secret practices are now being rediscovered and taught to many women who want to create a more vibrant life. The important issue though is to make sure you learn from a certified expert. Also make sure you purchase real gem yoni eggs and not the fake ones that are circulating widely on the internet. Because you are placing this gem inside your sacred space, you want to insure it contains all the powerful elements of precious stones.

In Taoist practices the three stones that are traditionally used are Nephrite jade, rose quartz and black obsidian. I would stay away from other stones since these three mentioned are the ones that have been used for thousands of years. Jade is widely used for beginners since jade is very hard, smooth, non porous and it is healing for the feminine. Jade also clears energy and is protection from unwanted energy. In the exercises you learn how to bring up the energy or chi of the stone up through your body and have it circulate through your chakras and finally to your crown. This technique is called the microcosmic orbit and you can learn more about it here.

I have a few on The Local Rose Shop that are authentic jade and rose quartz.

I began the practice not so much to enhance sexual pleasure but more so to connect to the power within my womb. I feel a big shift in my overall state of being and health since using the eggs. The yoni practices have so many benefits such as:
Strengthening the pelvic floor
Maintaining healthy reproductive organs
Enhancing sexuality and receptiveness
Toning the walls of the yoni
Balancing the hormones
Preventing the decline of nerves, the bladder and uterus
Healing from past traumas
Awakening feminine power
Creating chi
Increasing overall pleasure in all areas of your life

If you are interested in using the egg please email me and we can have a private phone conversation. I really respect the power and sacredness of these exercises, so I feel more comfortable doing one on one sessions with women who want to discover the path to this practice. Another incredible source for this practice is Saida Desilets who has written a very detailed book called Emergence of the Sensual Woman. Read below for ways to initiate your yoni egg ~

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I like to tell women that they should have a ceremony when initiating their egg.
~Firstly the eggs should be thoroughly cleansed and cleared. This can be done by boiling it for a few minutes in clean water. (this is for the jade the rose quartz may just need really warm water)
~Then after drying it, burn some sage around the egg and see it being cleansed.
~ Imagine golden or white light being channeled into the egg.
~ Place the egg under the light of the full moon from time to time.
~ If the egg has a drilled hole for string then clean that out with warm water and soap and a pipe cleaner or needle.

Create a quiet space and light a candle and place the egg before you on a beautiful scarf or textile. Imagine all your intentions being flowed into the egg before you begin using it.

Before beginning lay down on the earth and place the jade egg on your belly and then your heart. Create a relationship with the magic of this stone.


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  1. Lisa Guse says:

    Thank you Shiva, I am so happy this conversation is not considered taboo here on your blog. This is why I feel my energy should be put to use somewhere in our universe to help other women. I’ve considered this for a while now, being that I use crystal healing for every other aspect of my life. Since I have experienced menopause, I no longer have any sexual desire. My husband is understanding, and believe me I do what I need to for him, but I get nothing from it. I just feel my time is over. Do you think this will help? I read above what it can be used for, however, I feel my desire is more about my self acceptance, as well as my hormones not shooting out any longer. Any help would be appreciated. I have started in new blog and Instagram to hopefully help others after their moon time has passed. Wise Womb is the name on IG and Tumbler.

    All the best

  2. lilly says:

    Shiva this is amazing! You are really on to something…I would like to read more

  3. Gerri says:

    Dear Shiva , I would to have a conversation with you about Yoni eggs … How do,I learn the exercises. I do,own a neph jade and black obsidian. I have cleared them. I seem to be more ” comfortable with the jade. I am 63 years young and have been sexually abused as a child and raped as an adult , and it is only now that I have begun to understand and ackwoledge this. I want to have a meaningful intimate relationship in my life and feel I won’t until I can clear that energy.
    I would be grateful for your guidance.

  4. Mona says:

    Because of your blog post, you have inspired me to look into this. And just this week I purchased a real nephrite jade egg and rose quartz egg! Thank you for sharing some wisdom, I look forward to this practice. I love your blog, Shiva! I have also started practicing Kundalini Yoga because of your influence! Sat Nam ~

  5. shea says:

    hi shiva. i really want to buy the jade eggs. i dont know where to buy that here.

  6. Beth Jarman says:

    Hi Shiva,

    Is there any evidence that using jade eggs can help with menstrual cramps?

    Thank you for this post 🙂

  7. Phia says:

    I am so interested in purchasing these jade eggs to help me orgasm. Will these help and how soon do you think I can see the benefits?

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