Earthing to Nature Through Our Soles

The Overlooked Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

August 9, 2014 | 2 Comments

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It seems it’s time to finally go barefoot. We were all probably raised to wear our shoes outside because of all the so- called accidents that can happen out there, like stepping on a bee, stepping on a sharp object, or getting dirty. My dear friend Carolyn Murphy has always spent time earthing and used to even maintain her garden barefoot. My sweet friend Amy Daughter of the Sun lives most of the time barefoot on the isle of Kauai.  My younger daughter Charlotte has to be forced to put on shoes, since her natural instinct is to always go barefoot through mud, grass or sand. Now there are enough studies that are telling us that much of our health issues can be alleviated by walking barefoot on the earth. As Dr. Weil states:  In our high tech society, connecting to our earth has never been more critical. When walking barefoot, free electrons from the earth are transfered to our body through the soles of our feet. Supposedly, electrons drawn into the body from the earth neutralize damaging free radicals and by extension reduce disease-related chronic or acute inflammation. In one investigation, participants slept on a special mat that had a connection to a grounding device outside the house. When compared to the ungrounded participants in the same study, the grounded ones showed significant changes in key biomarkers including serum sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, total protein and others. Earthing enthusiasts claim that throughout history, our ancestors walked barefoot or wore shoes made from animal skins, which gave them direct contact with the Earth. One of these believers Dr. James Oschman who has been studying earthing for decades, says earthing can
Beneficial changes in heart rate
Decreased skin resistance
Decreased levels of inflammation
Another informative source on earthing is a book called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?. I know for myself, being an airy Aquarius, I sometimes start to feel ungrounded, spacey, or indecisive. In those moments  I make sure to spend some time barefoot in my garden.

For more all-natural ways to improve your health see The Local Rose.

earthing, the local rose
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    Thank you for sharing – my Reiki Master encourages me to walk barefoot on the earth for all the reasons you stated.

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