Full Moon Beauty Rituals ~ DIY Face Mask

A recipe for a Chlorella and Rose Water beauty mask.

January 23, 2016 | 3 Comments

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Finding time to indulge ourselves with a few moments of beauty enhancing rituals can help us rejuvenate our endocrine systems and maintain balance. I have been experimenting with using the phases of the moon to dictate the rhythms in my life. Native Americans and other cultures use the moon phases to determine when to trim their hair. I thought to take this notion towards beauty rituals to enhance the power of the phases. Since trying this practice, I have felt a shift in my energy and all around sense of well being. I have even noticed that now the rhythm is actually being created in an organic way. For example projects that I began on The New Moon are naturally coming to a close by the Full Moon.

For the New Moon I have been cleansing my face and body with natural scrubs and steaming rituals. For the Full Moon I have been using beauty enhancing DIY masks using the power of flowers and plants.

My daughter Colette Blu and I took advantage of the Wolf Moon of January to go a place of peace and quiet to replenish ourselves with beauty masks and sacred waters. We created our own ‘spa’ by sitting in some ancient hot springs, drinking lots of fresh water, pulling some cards, and purifying our faces with this mask (recipe below). We used Sun Potion Organic Chlorella Powder,¬†essential oils, the Rose Face Serum, and my Radiant Rose Water to create a clarifying beauty mask.

Benefits of Chlorella for the skin are so numerous. Chlorella feeds your skin for regeneration. It is high in nucleic acid, vitamin A (anti aging) and chlorophyll. The Radiant Rose Water is a powerhouse mist that contains sea minerals and vitamin C from the gotu kola. The essential oils reduce acne, and aging effects of the environment.

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The phases of the moon are:

New Moon ~ A time for starting new projects, and increasing healing and abundance.
Full Moon ~ A time for healing rituals, finishing projects and gathering moon’s full energy.
Waning Moon ~ A time for clearing and cleansing.

Purifying Beauty Mask
4 TBS Chlorella
3 TBS of a Face Oil (I used Rose Face Serum)
5 TBS of a Rose Hydrosal (I used Radiant Rose Water with it’s nutrient rich algae and sea minerals)
2 drops of the following essential oils: lavender, frankincense, rose

Mix well in a bowl and once it is all blended place on the face. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.

Other ingredients you can add: carrot seed oil, charcoal, natural clays.

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  1. Sati says:

    Another lovely post Shiva. Whenever I feel pulled to see something beautiful and nourishing on the web I just visit your blog. Thank you.

  2. When it comes to beauty regimen, we all had different and sometimes unique rituals. Well, at least we really know what works on us and stick with it. Personally, when it comes to facial mask, I choose diy. I mean, I made it with myself from organic and natural products. But I wouldn’t mind using commercial facial mask too. Good thing my face is not that sensitive that’s why I can try any and learn what really works on me.

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