Live Spring Water from Mukhande

The benefits of living water and the current California drought.

October 6, 2015 | 10 Comments

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What if I told you we are being deprived of live spring water? What if I told you that we are missing vital minerals because our purified water is cleansing out the impurities along with the good stuff? What if I told you there is a water spirit out there, who is harvesting water from fresh mountain springs and bringing it to us to taste here? Well all this is true, and more.

For more about the benefits of nature’s gifts, visit Tribe & Health or Nourish | The Local Rose.

I first met Mukhande at Summer Solstice in New Mexico a few years ago. I was instantly drawn to the light in his eyes, and the incredibly high vibrational food he was providing at the bazaar there. I wasn’t too surprised to hear that he was now harvesting pure, live, spring water. When you read more about the differences between stagnant bottled water, filtered water, and the natural Spring waters the more you realize how much we are missing the basic elements and gifts of water.

On our visit together we got to drink some fresh, lovely Spring water, and we made a little offering to Mama Earth, with the hopes that she will soon be relieved of this drought. Right now water is of the essence in so many ways because of this devastating drought. I personally am praying and meditating that we do indeed get El Nino of 2015. I hope it does help our thirsty trees, animals, and fauna. Hiking lately has been so tough because I feel so deeply how the parched earth is suffering. Well one way to manifest things is to see the abundance of that very thing we are lacking, and Mukhande is a true water provider. He harvests water from Springs that are flowing from ancient reserves.

I have posted recently about activating water and how it can change the properties of the molecules. Taking a look at Mukhande’s site, The Fountain of Truth will be an added bonus to that ideology.

Please read his interview below it will open your hearts and minds.

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1) What makes your heart sing?
My heart sings knowing that I’m on the right path to serving as my highest self

2) What makes Spring water so much better for us?
If your not collecting your own water or purchasing it from us-
you are drinking processed sterilized water
99% of drinking water, even falsely labeled “spring water”, is pumped up from stagnant aquifers which is against natures cycle for water to flow
The water is penetrated with uv light, which scrambles the Dna of the healthy micro-organisms. This makes the water shelf stable for months, even when it’s sitting in a sweltering whare house for weeks it won’t turn green. It’s also ozonated which changes the composition yet again.
If your drinking filtered water, their are little or no minerals. Instead of adding minerals for you, Filtered water will strip the minerals from your body as it returns to its natural state.
Spring water gets charged and filtered through the earth for vast distances. It exits the womb of the earth, as the purest element on our planet. They are always in constant offering, and we just have to be open to receiving them.

3) What led you onto the path of The Fountain Of Truth?
I remember when I first tasted water from a high mountain spring. You may not believe this but it was a psychedelic experience. I could feel the earth’s energies and wisdom flowing through out my entire being
I had a neighbor with a newborn baby. Her baby wouldn’t latch to her, as a result of mineral deficiency. After she switched to drinking fresh living water her body and soul was healed

4) Where do you see yourself living in a decade?
I feel most at home in the forest, a place where I can be closer to earths rhythms

5) What or where is your favorite meal?
Wild foraged foods are my favorite
It’s a great way to explore this earth and her bounty which has nurtured us for the last few hundred thousand years

6) Do you see a healing taking place on our planet or something more dangerous?
The shifts in our planet are happening quick. If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the superheroes that will save the world in the last minute. It’s gonna be the greatest love story ever told.

7) Do you have a motto, or philosophy you live by?
Your attitude of gratitude determines your altitude

8) What is your morning ritual?
Every morning is different for me.
Starting the day with some deep stretches and a meditation is always a way to set my self up to feel great. Taking some time to be present with a really fine tea such as an oolong or puer can have profound affects on your whole life.
Chinese tea ceremony enables me to be attentive and more aware of subtleties. When these teas are sources from ancient tea trees, and processed and or aged in small artisanal batches it is incredible how healing and transformative they can be.
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  1. Leah says:

    What an incredible story! I will never look at bottled water from the grocery store the same.
    Beautiful young man with quite the concept!!

  2. Devon says:

    Very cool!

  3. erica says:

    Yes, definitely a radiant being & inspiring work. Here in the mountains of North Carolina we are lucky to have a lot of natural springs…my friend’s son calls the water “love from the earth.” (:

    PS: who made your magical dress? It looks like one that you can’t help but feel happy in!

  4. Kellan says:

    I’ve got to try this water now!

  5. Scott says:

    Looks great, but what brand of spring water should i be buying?

  6. Lanetra Lewis says:

    How do we purchase the water he provides?

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