Opening and Spinning Chakras with Essential Oils

How to keep the seven chakras flowing.

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Over twelve years ago, I was in Kauai and I received a body treatment from an angelic woman. I remember she mentioned that my chakras seemed shut down. I was curious about what she meant, but I wasn’t quite on the path as I am now. I suppose I was struggling just to make it through a day.  At the time I had lots of health issues including auto-immune illnesses and mild depression. I feel like that sweet woman unlocked a window in my mind about the power of chakras. Now years later I am quite aware of the spinning, energetic flow coming forth from these areas.

The Sanskrit word for chakra means wheel or disc. They are located in the subtle body. Now after years of Kundalini Practice, I am keen on the subtle body and how it interacts with our health and well being. There are seven layers or subtle bodies, which create the auric field. Each level of the aura has seven chakras. Now that I feel my chakras spinning and alive, I can tell the difference from when they were dull and stagnant.

How to energize your chakras and keep them spinning? There are a number of ways.
~ Practicing yoga and certain meditations can bring awareness to these areas
~ Hand mudras can activate chakras
~ Grounding to the earth can help open the lower chakras
~ See a healer who works in this area of expertise
~ Essential oils used in specific areas. I use essential oils in the specific areas to help activate the chakras. I will sit in the quiet, meditate a few minutes, and then rub of the specific essential oil in the corresponding area as I imagine the chakras of light beginning to open and spin.

The first thing to do is to become aware of the seven chakras and how they correspond to your physical body. See below for mrs info.

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A vital part of our energy field are the chakras. There are seven major energy circles from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine that move clockwise or counter clockwise. Chakras can make one’s aura brighter or dimmer depending on how efficiently they are working. Each of the chakras have a frontal version and a back version. The front of the chakras are related to a persons feelings and the backs are connected to their will. Each chakra corresponds with an organ such as the throat chakra is connected to the thyroid. When our chakras shut down due to trauma they will eventually affect their corresponding area. For example if someone’s solar plexus is troubled they may have digestive issues. If someone has had heart break, the fourth chakra could feel dim and depressed.

First Chakra ~ color is red and connected to the kidneys and adrenals.
Oils to use to activate this area are Myrrh, Patchouli, Cedarwood
This chakra is about feeling grounded and a connection to mother earth,

Second Chakra ~ color is orange and connected to reproductive organs.
Oils use to use to activate this area are jasmine and ylang ylang
This chakra is related to sexuality and emotion.

Third Chakra ~ color is yellow and connected to stomach, liver, gallbladder
Oils used to activate are rosemary, ginger, lemon.
This is about our will and power in the world.

Fourth Chakra ~ color is rose, pink and green and connected to the heart
Oils used to activate are rose, bergamot, thyme
Expression of love and compassion

Fifth Chakra ~ Color is blue and connected to lungs and respiratory system.
Oils used to activate are palmarosa and chamomile
Expression of truth and speaking up

Sixth Chakra ~ Color is magenta organs are eyes, ears nose.
Oils used to activate are clary sage, bay, helichrysm
This is the chakra for sixth sense and psychic abilities and intuition.

Seventh Chakra ~ Color is violet and the organ is the brain and pineal gland
Oils used are sandalwood and frankincense
This is about our connection to the Source and spiritual side. Our inyuition and highest good.

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