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August 12, 2017 | 1 Comment


I am really realizing how much hormones are crucial for a higher quality of life. Basically our hormonal drive is what drives us. It’s what motivates us and gets us to reach for the stars and back. As women once our procreating hormones slow down, we can become complacent and lose that desire to ‘create’. I am realizing how so much of our skin, hair, sexuality, and basic lust for life is woven into our hormonal output. Many herbs, teas, tinctures, tonics and meditation practices can help strengthen our endocrine systems. These are a daily must, however now I have stumbled upon a brilliant supplement that encompasses many of the concoctions I take. I enjoy taking and experimenting with new finds, ultimately so I can share these treasures with all of you.

Last month my dear friend Shelby Meade mentioned that she started taking an all natural, powdered supplement that has helped her wean off more western derived thyroid and endocrine items. When she mentioned the name of the line, and the woman in Ojai who created the line I got an instant ‘yes” in my gut. I ordered the product and began taking it diligently on a daily basis. Now after two months I can honestly say this product is all that its’ claimed to be. My moon cycle which was beginning to shift due to planetary changes and stress, has become regular and I feel much more endurance, stamina and get up and go! Genesis Gold was created by a nurse practitioner named Deborah Maragopoulos. Her story and how she came with the concept is wonderful and inspiring to read.  This blend of herbs and amino acids is also good for men and children. The ones I love will be next on this experimenting phase!~

We are realizing how much there is a correlation between our guts and brains. I had always heard and adhered to the idea that our gut and our brains are connected. In Deborah’s book Hormones in Harmony, she suggests that there are in fact three brains, our hypothalamus being the third. This correlates to the heart chakra and completely makes sense to me.

I really don’t gain anything from recommending a product I believe in. I do it because I feel that once we begin healing ourselves, we can heal our planet, our loved ones, our gaia.

Genesis Gold® is highly absorbable powdered blend of wildly harvested, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free herbs, ancient grains, sea vegetation and super green foods that encases a unique amino acid blend that supports your HYPOTHALAMUS, balances hormones, brain chemistry, and immunity, enhances digestion and detoxification, and optimizes genetic potential.




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  1. Shalini says:

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful product here. You are doing a great job. Seems it will be helpful who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycle due to hormone imbalance.


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